seven random things about me and pineapples

On Wednesday morning as I rushed out to work, there was a wonderful gift in my letterbox from Suse (thank you). Three beautiful old linen tea-towels. Featuring pineapples. On Thursday, late in the afternoon, I hung them on the line and pointed the camera, hoping to preserve their complete glory before they start doing the hard work of tea towels in this house (although the one with the surfer may be a wall hanging for a while).

Then I had the idea of a pineapple meme. How hard could it be? While on summer holidays, now so long ago that my memories are more faded than my tan, I was tagged by Schmutzie to do the seven random things meme. I didn't do it at the time because the internet connection at the sandy point internet cafe was at best flaky. And the computer was on a shelf in a passage between the kitchen and the door to the toilet. Where I  perched on a high stool, watched chips being cooked and thought about the beach or other holiday joy I was missing, sometimes trying to keep the small child out of mischief. Although I was only ever charged for 15 minutes, even when I'd been there for a good 45. Anyway, this meme continually circles blogland, somewhat like the playgroup cold/lurgy. It nonetheless has a certain charm. I like this meme, but it's hard separating out what is and isn't weird and /or random. Hence the pineapple thought. And I get to show you my new tea towels!

  1. When I was a child, a dinner we sometimes had was ham steaks, or rather slabs of ham like meat, possibly out of a tin, grilled (as in broiled) and with tinned pinapple on top.  I loved it. Now it doesn't even seem like proper food.

  2. Sometimes when I feel a bit liverish, tinned pineapple juice and soda or (diet) dry ginger does it for me.

  3. I still make the boiled pineappled fruit cake that was my grandmother's recipe. It's probably from the fifties, uses a tin of crushed pinapple and a standard packet of mixed fruit. It's really very nice.

  4. Back when I bought my own point and shoout camera, an olympus mju, I spent days racing around taking heaps of photos. Here's one of three pineapples against the window in the sunroom on a rainy day. Why would I have had three pineapples? Where they really cheap back then? Now they tend to be a bit of a treat. These tea towels made me immediately think of that photo. Gee I loved that camera. Pity it got stolen, not once but twice. The replacement also got stolen so I just gave up.

  5. When I was in Paris and twenty-one, I remember being in a shop that sold dried fruit and asking for ananas in French. When I checked the spelling by googling, I got "Je suis un ananas ivre" which means I am a drunk pinapple.

  6. I rather like fresh pinapple, but only if it's sweet enough not to hurt my mouth and has been cut up so that all the core and all the skin and all those little sharp bits are gone. Sometimes it improves sitting around for an hour or so cut up, but more often than not pineapple is just a waste of money. I think the only way to got a good one for sure is to have a greengrocer that tastes their own fruit and will tell you for sure. Like Cramer on Seinfeld said, fruit's a gamble.

  7. Here's another picture of a pineapple, from about this time last year. I remember the fruity smell of this one on the kitchen bench. Rich and ripe. Attracting for those little flies that hang around fruit shops. I don't remember being dissapointed. Maybe I'll get another one tommorrow when I do the shopping.

So, whew, meme all about pineapples. Didn't think I could do it. Although I do have the sadly neglected blog about washing, which is soon to feature a delightful laundry related gift from another lovely blogger (scanner has started working again). I feel very lucky and smooshed by blogworld sometimes.....Thank you. Now I'm going to tag, because it's in the spirit of it all.

Girl on the Avenue
Alby Mangroves from new blog on the block, Life in General
Stomper Girl
Susan from Five and Two

Rules, you know, seven weird or random things about yourself. You can even re-cycle a previous seven or pick a theme. Tag another five people. But any or all of it, only if you want to.


schmutzie said...

Nice tea towels. There's something about them that reminds me of the 1950s.

janet said...

They are from the fifties!

suse said...

How lovely to see them hanging in your garden in the sun. Did I tell you I bought them one at a time? Just kept finding vintage pineapple teatowels at Savers, and thought of you.
Well, I thought of Sue at fiveandtwo too, with her linen collection. Maybe she'll get the next three.

Alby Mangroves said...

Hey Janet, I never thought pineapples could be so charming ! Actually, I realy love these and would hate to use them for fear of fading in the wash.. Will be honoured to continue the 7 random things meme xo

Victoria said...

Yes we had that pinnapple and ham steak dinner pretty often when we were kids too and I remember we were really happy when the distinct smell of the ham steaks wafted through the house - loved that meal! I wonder if you can even buy them anymore, I wonder if my kids would be impressed by such a meal? Those teatowels just look radient and glorious.

Stomper Girl said...

I am a drunk pineapple is a very good phrase, I must remember it.

Rachel said...

Those towels would look great framed in the kitchen. When I met my husband, he'd never had a fresh pineapple before. They are a bit of a treat, usually costing $3 or $4 here.

thebadbunnyblog said...

Ham steaks and pineapple was family favourite in my house growing up. We used to have peas with lots of butter too just to make it feel a little like there was something kind of healthy?? To answer Victoria's question, yes you can still get them in the meat dept of your local major supermarket. They usually come in a pack of 4 - 6. Try around the sausage or bacon section. My Mum used to cook the ham steaks in a fry pan with a fair amount (if not all)of the tinned pineapple juice (perhaps syrup is better?) so they got a lovely sweet/pineapple/caramelised flavour. Yum, going to have to try this on the hubby and the kiddlywinks I think!

Girl on The Avenue said...

Thanks for tagging me, Janet. I've never done this kind of thing before, but have given it a go. (Did you see the big feature in this morning's paper about public pools?)

Kate said...

My sister has a thing for pineapples. I don't know what that's about, really. I do know that they are an ancient symbol of hospitality. In the renaiscence, it was the done thign to have a pineapple centrepiece at your dinner party. But they were so expensive that they were often hired for the evening...
They are also very mathematical. They are a great natural expression of the Fibonacci sequence.
When I was a kid, my parents would buy those huge huge tins of pineapple juice - you know, the golden circle ones. I can see the label now - deep green, with garish pineapples on it. They would open it and decant it into this mustard-yellow tupperware jug, that was sooooooo early 80s. That jug was only ever used for pineapple juice. Hmmmm... I wonder if they still have it. Must ask.