I feel a bit clever

Just learnt how to make pdf files and insert them into Save Coburg Olympic Pool page. I thought it would be good to be able to down load flyers and other printed material. Kind of like an internet help yourself pile. The flyers themselves are still a bit rough around the edges, but it works! (unlike the feedburner email subsciption form on the same page,which has never worked. Grrrr. Depsite all my best efforts so far) You know, learning yet another aspect of this technology challenges my 44 year old brain somewhat. Even a relatively simple new thing. I remember banks before ATMS, local swimming pools before management was outsourced to private business and thinking, hey wouldn't it be great if people could make their own movies and had a way to write something like a newspaper column, or homeshow (long ago I dreamt for a while of having a scruffy lifestyle show on telly). And now we can. It's just kind of snuck up on me. And I like it.

There's a council meeting on at Brunswick Town Hall tommorrow night, 8th of April 2008, at 7.00pm, . We're going to be asking lots of questions about re-opening the pool. Come along if you can.

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