a whiff of rain

Mum told me this morning that we had thirteen centimetres of rain last night. Everything feels washed clean and the ground is spongy underfoot. The plants in the garden are standing upright and although it's still singlet weather, there's a tinge of about to be cold in the air and a whiff of more rain to come.

Yesterday the ground was so dry that Grace was making sandcastles in the vegie patch and I was bucketing washing machine water over the lemon tree and some of my herbaceous plants that looked on the verge of death. Even the weeds had given up. We'd swept the paths and tidied up but dust just blew around. Now lovely rain has washed the paths clean. Hopefully there really will be more rain again soon and seeds lying dormant will shoot and then we'll have a garden again.


sue said...

We have been getting some great rain today and the thunderstorm the other night was amazing. We sat out under our verandah with the kids and the dogs (one is petrified of storms) and watched all the lightning and the thunder. It always sounds good on our roof too.

Susan said...

I love the smell of rain on dry earth. We've had rain lately too. The garden heaved a sigh of relief.

Ilaria said...

Rainy days also in Rome... I've a picture surprisingly in theme with yours. Look at it here: http://oleandrocrema.style.it/archive.php?eid=78