of cows and clouds

I do believe I may have a type of bloggers block. Ye olde compose fantastic posts in my head but unable to write them down sort block. Or perhaps, afternoon naps on languid afternoons and telly on balmy nights are seducing me into idleness. Although I have started purging our possesions again; there's possibly a car load to go back to the opshop piled on the verandah. Yep. And when I can get to my computer, I've been working on my photos and wondering why I take so many. Like with material clutter, it takes me ages to sort through them. I'd like to have an easy knack of keeping only the really, really good ones, but that must take a relentless discipline. A bit like people who have a capsule wardrobe of perfect matching outfits that fits into a small suitcase. That they update and maintain in a measured and planned way. Sigh.

So anyway, the beach holiday feels a long time ago. Life has slotted back into the Melbourne groove. I was going to show you some cows and clouds, and talk about this and that, but I've forgotten exactly what so I might just move right onto the craft weekend. It was excellent. And this time, I remembered to take my sewing machine pedal. The great plans I had of sewing many outfits didn't exactly come to fruitition, but some things take longer than you expect. And really like always, the best part of all was the company of fabulous women; Sooz, Suse, Di, Lauren, and the blogless but just as fabulous Cath, Jody, Maria and Stephanie. Working and talking, looking at fabric and yarn, eating fantastic food (extra special mention and gratitude here to Maria, who spent most of Saturday cooking - as her craft!).

As for the crafting, I finished the doll's quilt that was going to be my holiday handsewing project until I worked out that I don't enjoy hand quilting. Dolly also had some new stuffing inserted and received a new outfit. A dress and some underpants (something I'd like Grace to aspire to). Anyway both the outfit and the quilt have been very well recived. I'm also halfway through a top for me, from some quite nice Nana silk I bought at the opshop last year. Hopefully I'll finish it before Christmas. While we're on matters craft related, I was kissed by the Craft Fairy just before we went away and received a package of some lovely fine cotton yarn. Thank you Craft Fairy! I'm yet to work out a project for this, but maybe I should have a go at some knitting? My knitting is very basic, but I have to learn sometime. I think this would be nice to knit with? As opposed to crochet, which would also be nice.

Coming home from the craft weekend was the end of my big holiday. It was hot. So hot that going back to work was almost a relief.  And evenings were spent in the heat battling (or giving up) the hundred and one things that take up your time when your computer has had all the programs reloaded. Like learning a newer version of my photo software, just when all I really wanted to to do was get my photos done. In the heat. Oh, I could have cried. As it turns out, once I started with the new program, I realised it's way better than the old one, no more using photoshop just to straighten a horizon line. Have also had to get Dad to help make my outlook work again, what no address book? Anyway it's all done. I'm back online. Properly. Now I just have to figure out why the Flickr uploadr isn't working well like it used to. I tried the new version, it kept crashing and when it worked, was very slow. Which is a pity, because it looks quite the business. So I went back to the old one, which is having issues I've never had before. And why the Feedburner email subscription form isn't working properly on the pool site. There, that'd be a list almost... I do belive the block is gone now.

And it's raining. Real rain !!! With thunder! There's a whole lot of washing on the line, but who cares?! Rain....


Lazy Cow said...

You don't even have to write if you don't feel like it (though your words are beautiful), just post photos!
I've just finished purging toys, clothes, shoes and it feels fantastic. The new Rule is: for every item that enters the house, one has to leave it. So far it's working.

Frogdancer said...

Ahhh, the rain.
Connor and I were watching the lightning turn night into day from my bedroom window, while the other kids were cleaning up the kitchen. We'd all ooo and ahhh at the same times from opposite ends of the house.

Kris said...

I work up to the rain pounding on the tin roof - a glorious sound.

sue said...

I always enjoy popping into your world and reading about what you have to say. It always makes me see things in a different light and that is always a good thing. I love the doll's quilt. I am sure the cotton will be nice knitted up, and the more you knit the better you become.