holiday mood

Spc_3Favourite blue t-shirt (almost threadbare from wash after wash), blue sky, feeling like the good bit of summer is here at last. I've got four whole weeks off work. Leave was booked half a year ago and seemed like a long way off for such a long time. Two of these weeks will be spent at the beach where I'll let my eyes devour the utter beauty of the landscape, breathe clean salty air, walk barefoot in the sand, sleep to the sound of the sea behind the dunes, play in the shallows with Grace and swim in the surf. There will also be quiet non-essential sewing, holiday food, reading and afternoon naps. All in the good company of my family in various permutations. And I know my recent low moods aren't anything to worry about because I'm looking forward to it immensely. Only four sleeps to go.

So, the other weekend we put the car in the backyard and Gerard gave it a good clean (mostly with the washing machine water) before sending it off to the mechanics for a service. It was a harder job than he'd planned because water restrictions ban the use of hoses. Personally I would have spent the cash and taken it to a carwash, used the re-cycled water there along with the powerful vacuum cleaners and swish hoses, but anyway it's done and there weren't any dirty car grumbles from our mechanic. I wrote a list of all the little things about the car that were shitting me and they're all fixed. Except the tape player, which expired some months ago. A new CD/USB player is being fitted as I write. And for the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to driving. An unexpected benefit of the change in medication is that I no longer sweat with anxiety while driving. It was so bad for a while, that I banned myself from the car. Now I find myself looking forward to the open road, music playing, Grace looking out the window and talking about what she sees as the blue skies unfold in front of us.

Many more shades of blue here.



Stomper Girl said...

have a great trip!

betty said...

I have a favorite blue shirt that actually is starting to be see through I've washed it so much!
have fun on leave.

Ashley said...

I really enjoy your blog. I like the open, honest writing and the wonderful real life photos. Funny, I have a favorite blue t-shirt that has been washed so many times the design has faded away. The shirt is so thin I can only wear it indoors. Makes the perfect sleeping tee now. Thank you for your blog.

Lazy Cow said...

Have a brilliant time away.

darlene said...

enjoy your beautiful time away : )

Laura J R said...

Your tee shirt is the perfect colour blue, its nice to have a favourite. They are very difficult to replace.
Happy driving sans sweat! and avec CD/USB!!!!!
Have a lovely holiday, looking forward to seeing the photos.
You're sounding more like yourself again.

Jennifer said...

I hope you have a happy, safe holiday.
You are sounding happier.
All the best.

Kel said...

you know your car will go faster now it's been washed
have a great holiday!

Rachel said...

A whole month off sounds awesome. Enjoy every bit of it.

Susan said...

Gosh, I love this post. All the holiday/ travel/decision to chill stuff. All good.
Enjoy your holiday. Wherever you go, whatever happens.
I'd enjoy a time at home without cooking/animal feeding/bringing in - sorting, folding, washing: cleaning the house as well.