a visit to the ephemera dealer

Need something lighter after that last whingerama. So. We went to the Coburg market this morning and it was great. Excellent. Although I did get a little carried away. Books for Grace, including a delightful Noddy at the Beach board book. Another camera for me, an old olympus mju 1 film camera, the same model as my first point and shoot camera, which I truly loved.  I had two of them actually, both stolen in burglaries. I missed both. Just love that design, so beautiful to hold. Saw it, had to have it and haggled down the ridiculous price the lady was asking.  Some cheap and pretty plates. And then Grace begged to go to the playgound and I watched as the market started to wind down and tried to feel big about it. Because I hadn't been to my favourite stall yet. The ephemera dealer. Gerard came back and I made a beeline. And boy, did he have the goods today!

An exercise book full of baby cards. Two babies, a boy and a girl. And, from the same family, an old photo album of snapshots. How anyone would let this fall into the hands of an ephemera dealer is beyond me. That makes me feel sad really. Nonetheless, and I feel it's a bit weird or somehow at odds with my sentimental reaction, but I love looking at these photos of someone else's family, imagining their stories. Seeing how life has changed. Although the back of one photo was extra sad.

Also thrown in, some old jam covers and a picture frame. Should have gone for some buttons as well, because the ephmera dealer will always throw in extra little stuff if you spend more than five dollars and ask nicely. I really like it that he bothers with paper stuff, which is really my favourite and he's good natured and generous with it. Which is proabbly why he has such a good stall. Grace had wanted a new baby dolly, but there weren't any. Until we were leaving and I saw a doll abandoned in the carpark. We stopped the car and I jumped out to get her. Doll came home with us and after having her hard battery bit in the middle removed and a good scrub, is now hanging with the dolly clan (in the middle, they all had a bath together after lunch, being grubby sorts of dolls). We'll have to make her (or him) some clothes later in the week. 


suse said...

Nice score, and now I'm off to peruse the flickr links.
But what I really came over here to say was do you read The Scent of Water? Megan takes the most exquisite photographs, and is hosting a photo swap. Which of course you would totally rock at.
(I had to do a quick post after the whingearama post too. Too depressing to leave up there long).

Rachel said...

Those baby cards are so sweet. The back of that photo, wow, super sad. I'm glad these things fell into the hands of someone who appreciates them.

h&b said...

What was on the FRONT of that sad photo to make one want to list deaths ?!
How very odd.
Perhaps he'll have my pregnancy notebooks - which presumably both got chucked into the recycling before Christmas. I'm not sure who to blame, as i'm fastidious at sorting that kind of stuff .. but then, i'm usually the only one that cleans too ...
I wonder what year those cards are from ?
They don't look too dissimilar to my own from 1970. Any dates ?

janet said...

First baby, the girl was born in 1961 and the second record has no year, but I'm thinking two or three years later.
The front of the sad card was a group portrait. Which I photographed really badly.

Lazy Cow said...

I'm sure I have that baby card in my huge box of every birthday card I ever received!
Don't you just love local markets? I went to the trash and treasure in Oakleigh on Sunday - alone (bliss). But I only usually ever buy books.

Marita said...

The back of that card is so sad.
Your photo album comments remind me about another blog I was reading just this morning about preserving the history - http://debistitches.blogspot.com/2008/01/preserving-history.html