Save Coburg Olympic pool

Twice in the last two weeks, I've walked around Coburg Olympic Pool with my camera. After the first time, I sat in my car close to tears, almost insensible with rage. The second time Grace pressed up against the fence, demanding to go to the pool. How come something this good, so close to home hasn't been better known to me? The Coburg Olympic pool has been closed since 1st of December 2006 but I only realised the danger of this closure being long term when I read an article in the local paper earlier this month. I always meant to go swimming here with Grace, because as you can see, it would be a beautiful place for a toddler.

A friend of mine is campaigning to have the pool re-opened and it's more than likely that once we move, this would be our local pool. So, I offered to make a site to document the process. Like everything new, there's been a learning curve and it's still a bit (quite) rough around the edges.... but here 'tis

Save Coburg Olympic Pool

This will be a group blog, so if there are any local bloggers interested, please let me know. There's a flickr site to match, which hopefully will be used to collect images for the group and from non-flickrite sources. I'll also set up a pool (ha, ha) for people with flickr accounts. We'd love some flickr mates too.

There's a Moreland City Council meeting tomorrow night. On the agenda is Coburg Olympic Pool. I'm intending to go and lend my support. Maybe even ask a question or two.


Sian said...

Hey Janet.
Please do this it is so important for the area! I used to live just up the street from here for all of my son's pre-school years (he is now 11yrs) and we often went to Coburg pool in fact he celebrated a birthday there.
It was really good space as it has big trees to shelter and picnic under and the paddling pool was perfect for not yet swimming toddlers.
Where Iam living in the UK now there are no outdoor pools and I miss them with a passion. I feel like alot of peole did not know it existed as it was badly sign-posted and not advertised.
It was a wonderful community resource especially on those hot hot days when not everyone has a car or the means to escape the city.
I really hope you can make some progress with this.

joyflea said...

Hey Janet,
We almost had our local pool closed (Croydon) but with the neverending campaigning by local residents, the council and the state government co-funded a new skin to stop any leaks and the pool was reopened this season. I took my girls there over the holidays and was so glad of the efforts of the campaigners. I wish you luck in your endeavour knowing that it is something that is not entirely out of reach.

Marg said...

I remember going to this pool when we came to Melbourne on holidays years ago. I used to live not far from it, but now live a fair way away. I hope that you are successful in getting it reopened!

Penni said...

The site looks great Janet, very professional.
What a shame. We've got no pools in St Andrews - boohoo. Strolling to the local pool is part of living in Melbourne for me. I love the smell of chlorine in the mornings.

Bianca said...

Hi Janet. The pool is my local one and I've been pining for it to re-open since we moved here. My neighbour went to the meeting last week - I couldn't unfortunately. The site looks great. Keep me posted.

h&b said...

and i'll even learn to spell my name correctly ( geez, lookit my comment above ! )

h&b said...

Hi Janet.
WHY would they close down something that looks so well-kept ?!!?
I'm not lcoal, but i'd still liek to lend my signature to anything that would help.