SpcThe theme for January self-portrait challenge is celebration and and I think I'm stretching it a little to say that I'm celebrating recovery. Nonetheless, what with being unwell and everything, I feel a bit as though the usual celebration passed me by a little this Christmas. I was there, but there was also too much anxiety, tension and well, mania for it to be fun on the inside. Indeed, I feel quite proud of getting through it all without crumpling in a total heap until afterwards. And proud of being there for the first Christmas that Grace will remember (just hope she remembers the good bits, like the dancing, the presents and lunch at Dad's). So celebrating recovery it is.

I've started back at work this week. Just two short days to begin with. And I'm starting to feel like I'm actually in the recovery phase now. Not totally out of the woods, but ready to begin doing the things I need to do to become well again.  There's a fine line here. Too much too soon and I'll go backwards, but I have to push myself to get better. Today I continued with last weeks goal of starting an excercise programme. To get the endorphins going and to counter some of the effects of the medication I'll be taking for the next six months or so. I walked for an hour or so with Grace in the stroller, finishing at the pool. Grace happily went to hang with the childare ladies (actually I think the cool toys are the big draw card here) while I went and did laps. It feels good to be in the water, and swimming is exactly the right excercise for me at the moment because really, it's all about breathing. And the blue of the water. If nothing else, I find that extraordinarily calming. My fitness is returning faster than I thought it would and I think I'll be able to do 20 fastish laps of a 50 metre pool by the end of the month (if I keep it up).

Also celebrating, with much joy, my new little camera which is bright orange and which I can use in water. It still freaks me out to do this.  Although I love being in the water, it was seemingly impossible to smile and blow bubbles at the same time. Taking pictures under water is harder than I thought... but it's fun learning. Grace and I had a swim together afterwards and I think she's going to love the water too.

See more celebration here.


  1. oh wow, janet
    this is *the* coolest photo!
    i just love it.
    swimming and water are big loves of mine too... now i just need one of those bright orange camera too ;)

  2. God you blow me away.
    Your words and pictures are always the most awesomest of all awesomest blogs.
    So there.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better!
    great picture!

  4. Fantastic, Janet. photo wise and feeling better wise.

  5. great image and hope you continue to feel recovered.

  6. great photo, great thing to celebrate!

  7. Hey, the underwater photo looks ace. So glad to hear that things are on the up. You're writing about your health is an inspiration (from one who struggles!).
    Carolyn x

  8. Wonderful photo, and I'm really glad you feel like you're turning the corner.
    Also loved the post about your visit to the Coburg Market. What great finds.

  9. fantastic photo! Swimming is the perfect mind/body exercise. It helps me get centered also.

  10. Wow, what a terrific photo! I hope you take lots more underwater pics. Glad you're feeling you are on an upswing.

  11. im fascinated by your underwater photos. i can't imagine hard it must be to swim and take a photo!
    i'm glad you're feeling better. 'recovery' is a fine thing to celebrate.

  12. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your comment - I'm always inspired by your blog...

  13. Swimming is great.
    Yoga would help you a lot, too.
    I would kill for that cleavage.