the light hits the mirror

Some time around 8.00pm, for a few weeks in midsummer, some of the last of the light streams into the study which faces south west. It hits the rear view mirror on G's desk (for keeping an eye on Grace when she's playing on mummy's computer).

The light then bounces across the room in a big wide circle, like a giant projector. We're often in here at this time because it's just after Grace goes to bed.The effect is quite magical and only lasts for ten minutes or so.

In other news I drove for the fisrst time in several weeks today. Just down to the supermarket and later to the pool with Grace. Starting to feel much better but having one more week off work. Just to make sure I've caught up on all my sleep. Hooray.

It's fecking hot. Will correct spelling mistakes tommorrow after the cool change.


Frogdancer said...

I love this photo.
It's one of those little things that just make life beautiful. I'm really glad you thought to record it.

suse said...

We have half a dozen wooden stars (and a moon) that we painted and stuck mirror fragments onto. They hang from a tree just outside my study and when the sunlight catches the mirror bits I get beams of light flying around my study in circles. It's like magic.
Do you call those beams of sunlight "Jack o' Dandies" too?
It is fecking hot. And this cool change isn't terribly cool.

Stomper Girl said...

I love that you have a rear-view mirror for checking up on Grace!
I'm so over the heat. And it's really only the start.

h&b said...

I saved that mirror pic to my flickr faves last night as I think it's just so awesome.
As I said there, it reminds me of compostions I studied and loved in art history..

Susan said...

Another of your awesome photos. I love it Janet.

Susan said...

Another of your awesome photos. I love it Janet.