getting organised blogwise

As I've had a little bit of spare time and the domestic paragon routine is starting to wear a bit thin (unlike the rest of me sad to say. Damn, I wish there was a mood stabiliser that made you lose weight, as a side effect without effort, hmph), I've been doing a few little blog and flickr jobs.

First Flickr, have moved all my 2007 sets into collections, which won't be obvious but I'm going to start new sets for the new year. Just feels new yearish. I wish I could have my old photos in collections and display my current ones in sets. It's not the best archiving system is Flickr. Oh well. What I really meant to document though, was how to put a picture on your profile page, because I think it's a nice thing to do and it isn't really that obvious. I forgot from last time and spent a good part of an afternoon faffing and swearing. First you write your profile blurb in the describe yourself box on your edit profile page. Then find a photo that you like and go to the individual page for the photo. But wait, the URL in the browser, that's not what you use, eventhough it will link to photos in blog posts. On the right hand side, click where you can view different sizes. Number 2 is called "grab the photo's URL" and the code ends in jpg. Copy and paste this code into the profile thingy blurb and use this html <img src="URL"> to surround it. Well, that will possibly make sense to me next time.
(Lemons picked from the tree before ripe to allow space for others to grow and to stop the young branches from being too heavy. Grace has been making them into soups for about three weeks now.)

I've also chosen a new avatar (I love that word and how it came from from Hindu philosophy and always have to go and look it up again). The crochet square was starting to feel scratchy and woollen in the heat.The orange doily is cotton and I bought it at Savers when Grace was a tiny baby. I used to sit my favourite greeny blue vase filled with pink geranium branches on it in the loungeroom, to look at while she was breastfeeding. Of course, back then she was not a moving, grooving and chaos causing toddler. The doily has been languishing in the back of the teatowel cupboard (which is now neatly folded) for quite some time.  Still, I think this year we'll be able to have more flowers in vases again. Another domestic pleasantry to add to the the resolution pile.

What else? Updating my blog profile behind the avatar. So much easier now that I've set up a "page" because typepad about pages and associated designs are a right royal pain in the arse. Some minor tweaking of the banner, although do you think I could get the colours to match? It's meant to be all a light cream background with a darker cream at the sides. And seamless, no edges showing between the banner and the page. Photoshop and Typepad read colour numbers differently, so it would seem. Or maybe it's my computer screen playing tricks on me. Not to worry. I'll go with the (slight) imperfection. It's OK.

So all ready for summer. I have all manner of serious things to write about but I just can't be faffed. Yet.


Frogdancer said...

Orange doily. Very nice. Much more suitable for this weather!

daisies said...

i heart the orange doily :) i am so ready for summer too ... oh ... guess not, lol ... ah well, in about six months time, tee hee
thanks for the flickr profile explanation. it makes so much sense and seems so obvious now and yet everytime i saw photos on people's profiles i wonder how on earth they did that ... excitment!! smooches!!

Maggie Pie said...

Yes, I admired the doily a few days ago. So bright and 'summery'. I can bumble along for days trying to sort out the technical details of blogging. Im lucky my (11 y.o.) technical assistant is on school holidays to help me out.

Stomper Girl said...

I'm not even sure what the difference is between a "set" and a "collection" over at Flickr. And I seriously need to start uploading photos again, it all fell into the too hard basket in the lead up to Christmas.

Shula said...


suse said...

I'm off to dye a doily now.

Vanessa said...

i love the new look!
and i always dig your stuff on flickr.