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The last present has been wrapped, the potatoes are cooked and in the fridge waiting to be made into salad tomorrow morning. There's a big box of cherries, my favourite Christmas treat, and I'm sipping very gently at a glass of lambrusco. My cooking mojo has well and truly deserted me. Even the white Christmas failed. In my chocolate chips in everything mode, I tipped quarter of a pack in at the last minute. Brown Christmas anyone? Tastes OK but it's light brown. I made another batch, this time doubling the coconut by mistake. Then adding more copha because the texture was wrong. It was so revolting that it's now on the compost heap, wrecking the soil. I was absolutely mortified that I mucked up white christmas, not once but twice. On the up side, my sewing mojo is fine. The sewing machine has been going full throttle, some new clothes for Grace and for me. And a fairy skirt (although no sewing required there, sort of like macrame), found here, via here. I'm glad it's all done. It's been a big day, a big couple of weeks.

Anyway, as I was sorting through my stuff, I found some old rolls of film and with no idea what was on them, had them developed. This one's pictures from Christmas 2002. A tough year if ever there was one. The year Frank was born and died, the year Nina was really sick. We had Christmas lunch at our place, in the loungeroom. We roasted free-range chickens in our tiny oven and served up in our funny kitchen. It was a great meal.

There was Gerard's ex, Jennifer and her housemate Michael, my sister Betty and Camo, my parents and their respective partners, Lance's ex partner Helen and their daughter Vivian and Rachel his daughter from his previous marriage. Sounds confusing? Well, the best part was, everyone played really nice. Everyone was welcome. It probably wasn't perfect, but it was pretty darn good.

I love it that my family can come together like this. I probably said it last year, but we've come a long way. Doing this is no small thing. It's the best thing. Tomorrow we're all going to my Dad's place. I've been talking to Grace about what will happen and she's been reciting who will be there and telling me, go papa's, have game, lunch, presents, afternoon sleep in big bed, then we come home, dinner, read story, etc.    He and Nina will have done most of the hard work this year. And Mum's making the pudding(s). Yum, yum.

Merry Christmas everyone!

May your day be full of peace and good cheer.


Shula said...

Have fun, Janet.
And don't worry about the White Christmas. I don't like it, anyway.

Janet said...

oh but I love white christmas (only once a year though, as do a couple of my family members), a bit sneakily perhaps. Memories of outr past?

h&b said...

Merry Christmas, Janet.
I loved the photograph from the very-difficult-christmas. The feast looks wonderful and there's a feeling of joy.
Which, under the circumstances, is wonderful
Have a fab day today

Carolyn said...

Happy Christmas! I love that Grace has the day planned out and recites the activities. I hope you all enjoy the day.

Marita said...

Merry Christmas.
Thank you for sharing the picture and the memories.

Amy said...

Merry Christmas Janet. I'm so sorry to hear about Frank. I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing your stories so honestly.

daisies said...

i hope your christmas was filled with beauty and bits of magic, much love, xox