we love it

Last Thursday when I got home from work and before we headed off to Hobart, there was a a parcel waiting for me. It was very exciting, a welcome break in a trying and busy day. Grace helped me with unwrapping and the first thing she said was, we loove it. I'm trying to catch her particular intonation here, because it's very serious, yet also funny and cute. The next two things she said were; it's Grace and then it's Grace's? And I said no, it's for mummy, from one of her friends on the computer.

Grace was OK with that because what's mine is generally hers too, and we put it up on the shelf in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy, next to the yellow rabbit eggcup and blue tea cannister. In the longer term, it's a toss up whether to put this painting above my desk or in the back room near my sewing shelf and where the light falls in particularly pleasing ways. It's a present from Sue at fiveandtwo. A while ago, Sue asked for a photo, and to be honest, I was quite chuffed to be asked. And it prompted me to start learning how to print my pictures. Something that ended up taking quite a few weeks but that I've been meaning to do for ages.

So thank you Sue, we love it!


  1. I'm here via Stompergirl after reading about Thursday night and thinking well I must visit her - she sounds lovely - and then I recognised the crochet square - so I have seen your comments on other blogs - and then my eyes were caught by your lovely photos - and especially caught by the lived in beautiful face with eyes that seem to understand everything of your friend Steve (phew this is taking a while) and then I read about that shitty comment...
    and anyway I am glad I have called by and look forward to being a regular visitor at your place - because the photos are lovely and the words even more so..

  2. Gosh! I see what you meant about the nasty comment!
    What a lovely gift.

  3. That is so beautiful - the painting, the giving, the exchange, the sharing. This blogging life brings tears to my eyes sometimes.

  4. Thankyou Janet. I matted, framed and hung the photo yesterday. It looks mighty good, I love it!

  5. What a treasure, an absolute treasure!
    I agree, life is for living. Thank you!

  6. So talented (Susan) so fortunate (you).