At the beginning of the week all I felt was anxiety. Thrown by the sudden hot weather, dealing with dental issues (mine and Gs), toddler tantrums and shoe issues, work, life, the universe. All at once it seemed just too much and I thought I was teetering on the edge. So I asked for some time off work. They said that holidays at this time were unlikely but that I should take personal leave if necessary. I decided to just let time pass and much to my surprise by the end of the week, things were much better. Despite an infection in my tooth, the one having the root canal treatment. Which would make anyone grumpy.

Last night as I was getting ready to go home and just enjoying that pause at the end of the work day, one of the team leaders called me over for a little chat about what I'd be doing over the next month or so. My current project has been suspended during the holiday peak. As I helped plan this, I knew this would happen but hadn't given it much thought recently. There always being something to do at work. Anyway we had the chat and then she asked how I was feeling and I said fine, crisis averted, and then she said, you've got lots of leave, and we've been thinking you could have Monday and Tuesday off. As rec leave. It's not the whole week but you've been working hard and could probably do with a break. Yes! I said. Oh yes.

I am very pleased! And suddenly the world seems a whole lot more rosy. I saw the dentist last night and he gave me a prescription for drugs, so the infection will be all gone by the time he does the next painful and expensive bit. Already my tooth doesn't hurt so much. And I'll have a couple of extra days at home to spend with Grace, maybe plan an outing with her and nana. There'll be time to move files onto my new computer and enjoy the super beautiful new screen (everyone's photos look so super gorgeous). Time to organise some work clothes for summer, think about the garden and maybe get a haircut and paint my toenails. Must dash though, it's shrink day and I have some childfree time to go shopping. Yes, life is good.


Stomper Girl said...

I wish my supervisor would do the same for me. I'm so burned out at the moment! But mine would give me time away from the children! Have a great break.

Frogdancer said...

Aahhh, a long weekend.
I'm giving up our report writing day on Monday to come in and do interviews for our VCE kids. (sigh).
Enjoy the day for both of us!!

Susan said...

That's a beautiful photo. It makes me feel like I'm soaring.
Glad you have some time off work.