Just call me Dipsy

I had planned to write about feminist motherhood this week, but with one thing and another, my head isn't quite up to it. It's been warm, almost hot, with some rain; the sort of weather that makes vodka cruisers slip down all too easily. So, after being tagged by Marjorie and Mary Beth, I'm going to try and think of seven random things. And maybe go back and fix some of my appalling spelling mistakes on posts past.

1. Every now and then I get a hankering for those sweet pre-mixed drinks. The sort that are so nice that I'm never ever going to let Grace taste them. Much nicer and cheaper than the UDLs of my teenage years. And so deadly.

2. The other day as I was in the dentist's chair having my root canals filed (hence the current prediliction for alcohol to wash down the panadol) looking up at the tatty poster of an Australian rural homestead surrounded by lots of junk affixed to the ceiling and trying not to ask for a third anasthetic shot, the dentist stopped working and said to me, you have quite a small mouth don't you... aga, ya, I replied. Next time you come in, he said, I'll get a block so it doesn't hurt so much to hold your mouth open. After that he was very gentle, holding my jaw in a particularly nice way, explaining what was happening next and giving me lots of breaks in the treatment. I think I quite like this dentist. He's older than me and reminds me the kind and also reasonably priced dentist I saw all through my childhood and early adult years.

3. I love watching the teletubbies on video with Grace when I get the chance. The toddlers and pre-schoolers are natural and charming, portrayed as the real kids they are. A far cry from the irritating dancing girls on the Wiggles. Although we're more into the book and the computer game at the moment. At the beginning of the book (currently on very high rotation at bedtime) Grace names each of the tubbies, Tinky Winky, Mummy (Dipsy), Laa-Laa and Po. I've been the green teletubby for quite some time. Is it a shape thing or a colour thing? Who knows, who cares. The teletubbies all live together in an earth dome, they're kind to rabbits and butterflies, they have a magic windmill, are technologically advanced, not stuck in rigid gender roles and they all love each other. And then there's that fabulous nineties raver aesthetic...

4. Today I made a lemon tart and I think I've worked out why the crust was soggy. But I'll have to make another tart to test my theory.... mmm tart.

5. When I get tense and stressed, not only do I need to bake, but I need to live in a clean house. Today I knocked down months worth of spider webs and cleaned out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. There were lotions and potions that had expired in 2004. I have a feeling there may also be some window cleaning coming up.

6. The election is really pissing me off. If I hear the phrase working families one more time, I think I might throw rocks at the TV. The only sensible thing I've heard so far was in the dentist chair. An academic on the radio was talking about how government needs to start spending big on social infrastructure (like health and education) for the long term instead of making short term promises to attract small pockets of swinging voters. Personally, I think there needs to be a shift in thinking. Away from a consumer fuelled growth economy towards a service based ecconomy of care and kindness. Where shopping centres are all like the new look Greensbourough Plaza.

7. Although I'm shallow enough that I might vote for a party that promises super fast broadband for everyone (as opposed to a party that promises, not only a job for all those who want one, but also the job and career you want, huh??? as if that's something that's deliverable?) We only have super slow broadband around here and apparently Telstra already has the infrastructure to provide faster broadband but hasn't switched it on. I don't quite understand the mechanics of it, but apparently it's not that difficult.

Gosh, I meant to be all light hearted. At least I've moved a bit on from the big moan and groan session I had planned on Thursday night. It must be the effect of a quiet weekend at home. And the cruisers and breezers. Feminist motherhood next week. Absolutely.


  1. We love the Tubbies too. And linking your themes, my kids are convinced Parliament House (canberra) IS the teletubbies house!

  2. You forgot to mention the tubby custard.
    I really need to do my 'cobwebs in corners' too. Mum's sitting next weekend, and I hate it when she visibly cringes at my housekeeping.
    I wonder if the academic was my old Politics Tutor ( Nic Economou ). I hear him on the radio a lot. I luff him.
    And the election. yeah.
    Pass the passionpop.

  3. Looking forward to it!
    Right with you on number 6.

  4. Do you mind a bit more me-too-ism on Number 6?

  5. Yeah the teletubbies are growing on me. They're so sweet and so trippy with those rabbits and fake flowers.
    I'm so glad to hear you're going to give the feminist motherhood questions a shot!

  6. I'm hanging out for that Greensborough Plaza renovation.

  7. I know. That working families phrase is making me swear in front of my children. A lot.

  8. Looking forward to your feminist motherhood entry. :)

  9. I really like this post, you know. I can wait for the feminist motherhood post.

  10. Yes me too, can't wait for the feminist motherhood post.

  11. You want light-hearted? You and I should sit together someday and watch the video we own of the Teletubbies in SPANISH!
    Ola Tinky Winky! Ola Po!
    Try that one with a bellyful of Vodka Cruisers and low-grade narcotics!

  12. Hey, you know those block things the dentist told you about - my dentist gave me one to bite on on my last visit - and seriously it was just so much better, so much easier than holding your mouth open yourself - very impressive although I wonder why she never told me I could use one before that! Anyway, it will make the dental experience less tedious, soemthing to look forward too..!

  13. I just love finding these random things out about people I love to read.
    It's odd--but I have seen the Teletubbies and have actually thought about how much fun it would be to go there and hang out. There must be something about that place...