take me to the kittens

Four houses today. Including the stinky house, which Dad went through with me prior to auction. He has an approach to houses which is very detailed and practical. It's the first time it's just been me and him and I learnt alot. All week, I've been flip-flopping about this one. Great location, nice aspect, much potential. Haunting me was the thought it would go really cheap and I'd read the result in the Sunday paper and kick myself. The auction was slow but went well over the reserve and well over the price we could pay for it and realise the vision splendid. It was all a bit shocking really, that people would pay that much for a house probably built during or around the time of the war (an austerity house) with bad plaster work, a crap kitchen and an unbearable odour. So bad that my jacket is still hanging out on the clothesline waiting to be washed tomorrow. It will be interesting to see whether it's pulled down or renovated. And it was a relief to hear my Dad say that it was a good house to consider but I'm also a bit relieved that it really wasn't the one.

There weren't many houses to look at this morning and the first one up was delayed by an hour. So we drove around looking at the other houses on my afternoon's list and visiting garage sales. Getting an idea of the neighborhood, you know. It sounds like an excuse, but you do get to talk to people and hang out. It's also a break and a pleasure in a day that has lots of driving around, the odd tantrum and some quiet bits that aren't really worth going home in. We let Grace choose one or two little toys and some videos, if they're cheap. Today there was one sale that was mostly kid stuff and she scored bigtime, heaps of new books (I chose these), three (!) new videos, a Thomas the Tank engine thing-a-ma-jig and a green dinosaur from the Wiggles. Obviously we're going to have to do a big return to the oppy trip soon. At the next garage sale, G found a very cute tin.

Once Grace settled, I bought a picture which she subsequently decided would be nice in her room. Kittens. And knitting. 

And a book about the history of gardens and plants, full of gorgeous photos and writing that I'll go back to again and again. 20cents!

And, and, and I now have the use of a very flash camera for a while. To see whether I like using a DSLR. It might still be a while before pictures appear here because there's going to be a big learning curve as I've never really used anything other than a point and shoot before, and there's software to set up etcetera. It's very exciting though!

Oh, and one house I saw today is pretty nice. With very special and very brown carpet. In a good area, but maybe not too good. If you know what I mean. And it doesn't smell. Not one little bit.


  1. It's all very exciting! Sweet tin, too :)

  2. I made AB swap me back with his work DSLR, and take that you-beaut new camera with the 10x zoom I got, but still don't like.
    The DSLR makes me look like a Pro without even doing anything special. Imagine what YOU could do with one. Mine's a Pentax *ist DS and I would HIGHLY recommend it.
    But I do like a P&S for travelling/out and about, rather than a bulky cam.

  3. That book looks GOOD. I like oldish books about stuff like that. The kitten pic is a cool find too.

  4. I was in charge of my FIL's DSLR camera at the SIL's wedding-nightmare, and I reckon I took some really great shots with it. The good thing about doing all this blogging and digi-cam stuff is that it has really developed me as a photographer, I know my eye is much better. So have fun learning the new beast. Actually the worst thing was that I got sore and squinty eyes from working with a view-finder again. If I'd known how to work it with the display screen I would have.

  5. Oh, dying to know how much the house went for and where the new possibility is! Yes, the tin is ace!!

  6. Yeah, how much did stinky house go for?

  7. Hi Love your garage sale finds.I am sure there is a better house for you than the stinky one. Lets hope that if they knock it down they don't find any evidence that really created the stink in the first place!Great blog!

  8. ohhhh camera excitement :) tee hee ... i heart my slr and once you get the hang of it, you'll never want to go back ;-)

  9. I am SO glad you didn't buy the stinky house!
    Though it is terrifying to think that people are getting so pushed out of the market that they will pay through the nose (ha!) for a smelly old house......
    You can do better - once you find it, you'll know it's the one....!