after shopping

Spc Doing the weekly shop is of those household tasks that I've been trying to offload, without a whole lot of sucess. It's not my favourite thing, going to the supermarket. And week after week there's a sameness about it that bores me senseless. Yet, it's a task that seems to keep coming back to me. G's good at doing midweek shops for bread and other supplies but I seem to have the knack of the big shop. I'm pretty good at choosing the best fruit and veg at a price, and I seem to buy just about the right amount of food. Not so much that we waste it, enough that we don't run out of most things. It drives me batty when we run out of everything all at once during the week and then have to go to the shop before making dinner everynight. Eventhough there's a supermarket and fruit shop within walking distance.

I'm very particular about how I unpack the groceries and stack the fridge. Afterwards, I really enjoy the sight of a freshly filled fridge and a sweet canteloupe on the shelf waiting to be cut up for after dinner. Quite apart from the satisfaction of a neat fridge, it makes me feel very fortunate that we can just go out and do the big shop, without thinking about whether we can afford it this week. At work there's a box in the tea room for us to donate shopping items to send to familes in rural areas affected by the drought. There's been some heartrending accounts from rural colleagues of just how hard people in some areas have been hit. Kids going to school with headlice because there's not enough money for treatments and shampoo. Lots of other stuff too, but for some reason that got to me.

We might complain about how the cost of food is rising every week, but we are still very lucky.

More food for thought here.



Rachel said...

May I say, your haircut looks great from the back, too. You are inspiring me to think about going shorter.
I love going grocery shopping. It's one of my favorite relaxations. I'll spend an hour or two happily pushing my cart through the aisles.

h&b said...
Hate it.
I never 'got' those people i'd meet who'd have a 'shopping ngiht', where they'd do it together and hold hands and shite ? WTF ?
It's boring, it's expensive, and it ends up being poo, or fat. Nothing to show for food shopping, IMO.
Yet I do it.
Cooking bores me too.
I think i'd like a shopper/chef.

Lazy Cow said...

I get bored with the same supermarket, so visit a different one every time. Supermarket tart, that's me. And go after 9pm and loiter and read all the magazines. When I was super-organised (before blogging) I would go swimming on a Monday night, then grocery shop, because I was all hyped up. The only downside is unloading the car and unpacking the stuff at 11pm, when everyone else is asleep.
Now we get our milk and bread delivered - THAT is fantastic (have you checked out Aussie Farmers Direct?), and I still always try and shop without the kids.

Stomper Girl said...

It's the sameness that gets me. My fussbudget kids eat the same lunches every week so there's certain items I always buy. At least I've organised it so I don't have to take children with me; that makes it even more of a drag!
Not being able to treat the kids' nits would be a nightmare. As is having to constantly treat your kids' nits.

kel said...

I hate grocery shopping
since leaving the city everything is way more expensive and less fresh, and there is no such thing as coles or safeway online, or etc etc
and no vic markets

shula said...

I concur. With everything.

Kris said...

It's kind of shocking,isn't it, to think some people have no room in their budgets for anything unexpected. To make the choice - shampoo for the kids or food for them? - must be so difficult, and not what people see in their future as parents.
On a happier note, your hair really does look fantastic.

Miss Eagle said...

I would much prefer hunter-gathering around the billabongs in the Top End.
Blessings and bliss

Susan said...

It's not so much the shopping I don't like, it's the working out the menu/shopping list thingy before hand (which I need to do to stay within budget) that bores me senseless.
I love your kitchen...and your hair from the back.

joyflea said...

Yep! Hate shopping. I order my stuff online now. it means I don't have to drag the kids around and I don't impulse buy. I also dislike cooking. I wish we could survive on love alone. : )

daisies said...

i love grocery shopping and when i fill my fridge and cupboards, i always feel so blessed and remember that it wasn't always that easy for me ... :)