yesterday was father's day

I asked G what he wanted for father's day and he said, a sleep in. Fair enough. Grace even took him a glass of orange juice and then dutifully dissapeared to watch TV. But he didn't sleep in that much, so we went to Coburg trash and treasure for a spot of shopping. It was quite excellent. Grace wheeled Pooh bear-bear up and down the isles and was generally pretty good company despite having a bit of a cold. And needing to have her face wiped frequently. We scored bigtime as there weren't that many people there, being father's day and windy. Also we haven't been for a while so there's been a big turn over of stuff.

I bought a rather special yellow dish and a tea strainery type thing in a little stand. Both of which delight me in ways that are impossible to express. Also a big bag of trashy mags (I don't care if they're a couple of years out of date), some retro and modern kiddies books and a swag of old photo phamplets. Oh how I love buying papery emphemera!

Grace chose herself a rather revolting pink barbie wallet in which to put her library card (actually a Carlton blues thingo from a chip packet, a very treasured possession although she does also have a real library card) and a doll which she chose from amongst many. A stallholder was selling her large collection of childhood dolls. I've started calling this doll Dolly Parton. We washed new dolly, as Grace calls her, in the bath last night because she probably hasn't had a bath since 1970. And she was pretty stinky. Luckily G was able to get her head back on. But apparently, the best thing of all are her shoes. Which are also in the wash, alongside the rather goovy little outfit which includes bubble underpants. G scored himself a robotron at-2 (a boy's doll?) which apparently blows smoke if you fill it with household oil or somesuch.

I also spent some time photographing the colours at the trash and treasure which I never think about until just before we have to go. But really it's one of my favourite aspects of the day. Up there with fish and chips for lunch and the unpacking of various bags and parcels and the showing each other all the stuff we've scored. It was a pretty good father's day outing, really. A little oasis of pleasure amongst the stress of househunting (which I never thought we'd do but I'm really pleased and grateful that we are) and the trials of cold and flu season. Grace had her first visit to the doctor in well over a year, she's hacking a cough and streaming snot but doesn't understand why she feels so terrible and can only run around for half the usual time before falling in a heap. Gerard did a sterling job of looking after her today, but you know, I kind of take that a bit for granted on a day to day basis. Which is actually pretty nice.  It makes me very happy when I think of that. It's not coming out right, but he is a terrific Dad and I really do love and appreciate that about him.


Susan Morgan said...

Man, I like the sound of Coburg Trash & Treasure. I want to go there.

Stomper Girl said...

It came out alright.

nutmeg said...

I agree with Stomper - it did come out just right. I don't know why myself but I am always amazed at how good Mr J is with the girls - especially on weekends - especially when I get a cup of tea in bed and an hour to read by myself (but not on Father;s day of course!)
I am enjoying looking at all your photos - I thought the one with all the greenery around the edges and a shaft of sunlight coming down through it was stunning.

blue milk said...

Lovely descriptive post and wonderful colours in the photograph. The little yellow dish is really nice too.