SpcHmm well, I had lots of ideas about taking a picture at work (with my name badge on even), but every time I got up the nerve, I rushed so much that I didn't set set the camera correctly or used the most unflattering angle possible. This was taken a week or so ago, one night before going home. Pre-haircut. Which I still like, eventhough it doesn't look anywhere near as glamourous as it did after the hairdresser styled it. And really, I think I'm doing pretty well if I wash my hair and remember to brush it when it's dry. Next time, I'll get them to cut it a bit differently to take that into account, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

So what can I say about the bathroom at work? It's very yellow. There are signs reminding one to use the brush if required, and handy cupboards. A shower in case you ride your bike to work and a hand dryer that dries hair very quickly. Apart from the usual business, it's where people come to cry or have a moment alone, away from the public. There are of course other spaces; the tea room, the sick room (which is also used as a prayer room), the smoker's area outside, the filing bay, the carer's room (for when you need to bring your child to work), the forms area (which would be a two year old's evil payground) and my favourite, the big cupboard of recycled folders, out of date stationary and odd bits and pieces. The other day I found a pile of beer (or soft drink) coasters with the logo on them. Mmm, this is the same organisation that has shorts as part of the coprorate wardrobe so you're actually allowed to wear shorts and sandals to work, but not blue denim.

I didn't get caught in the act but what would I have said if I had? The blog isn't a secret but I don't talk about it at work. Sometimes I go for a walk at lunch time and take photos and I don't mind if people see that. But taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom, now that's just weird! 

More bathrooms here.


Lazy Cow said...

Yes, it's very yellow. Gives me a headache just looking at it in the photo. Thanks to your example I was sneakily taking photos of myself (not for publication!) at the loos down at Eastern Beach in Geelong. Interesting exercise!

addycat said...

I like that you're in shadow and that the lights and sinks are the highest key. Even with your centeredness, you're not the focal point, which I like.

Rachel said...

I shot my photo in the bathroom at my office for this week, too. It took me several nights to get the shots. I didn't want to get caught, look weird and have to explain myself either.

melanie said...

i was too afraid to take my camera into a public bathroom...especially not at work. i didn't want people to think i was weird! lol! instead i was just the weird girl who locked myself into my tiny bathroom and posted pictures of my experiences online. hahaha! anyway, i like the yellow in that shot.

Kris said...

I think shorts and sandals are appropriately professional attire for men but only if matched with white knee socks and a short sleeve shirt and tie. It's important to set a neat example for the sloppy public, don't you think?

holli said...

Gosh - this is certainly not like Crazyworld (what I called one of my jobs on my blog). I am stuck on the fact you have a child friendly workplace. That is wonderful.. and you are so lucky.
They have brushes? They supply hairbrushes? Am I being dense?
Shorts as work attire - lucky, lucky, lucky. I'm so glad I'm retired now and I get to pick the uniform. But it sounds like you work in a really cool place. count your blessings.
HUGS in yellow.

Janet said...

Oh no Holli, the brushes are for the toilet. Although a lot of us keep a bag of goodies in the cupboard.
As for child friendliness, it is to a point. And I do agree, we are really lucky. It's one of the benefits of being a public servant. The only drawback is if you have to take time off for child related matters and there is real pressure to come to work with your sick child and attempt to work out of the carers room, which is right next to the filing area. Not for two year olds.