shopping centre angel?

SpcUgly isn't it? These are the ladies public toilets at our local shopping centre, the one we can walk to. I rarely use them, indeed I think I only discovered that they existed during the later stages of pregnancy. When I carried around a mental map of every public convenience in my suburb and beyond.

This was taken sometime on the weekend, at the peak of snotfest '07, during a brief excursion out of the house for provisions. I had intended to try and sneak one in at work this week, but I've missed two days already and won't be back until next week. Today I saw my favourite hippy(ish) doctor at the community health centre and we talked about my tooth that needs root canal treatment (once I can breathe through my nose again) and how some years there are those flu seasons when you seem to go from one bug to the next, which led to a chat about the confluence of mind, body and spirit. He didn't seem to think that soldiering on was a sensible strategy at this point. So time off work, lolling around at home. I feel heaps better already but I'm being good; resting, drinking lots of fluid and taking my medicine. Can you see my halo? 

And I have to say too, that I'm rather enjoying this month's challenge and plan on photographing a different bathroom every week. Oh, I'm so easily amused. Visit a whole world of bathrooms here.


shula said...

Personally, I think Soldiering On has a lot to answer for.
Apart from everything else, if we didn't all Soldier On, we wouldn't give everybody else the same lurgy.
Should be law against it.
Just wait till I'm Prime Minister....

Vanessa said...

love the halohead
the public bathroom not so nice though... three measly tiles? come on!

h&b said...

heh heh - I love my new govt filter - you're my 2nd blockage ( Pea Soup last night, can you imagine ? )
She was gross & obscene, whereas you're merely "adult content". Classic.
This web page has been blocked by Integard.
Username: default
Reason: Dynamic analysis.
Site Category: Adult Content
Action: Blocked
Can't wait to try out Poppalina .....

Stomper Girl said...

Blimey! Would you have tried to explain yourself if another public toilet user had walked in on you and your self-portrait?

suse said...

That's a fabulous halo. Or hello, as thirdcat says.
I heard from someone medical the other day the difference between colds and the real flu. A
cold virus deliberately doesn't get too severe, so people will 'soldier on' and continue out and about in their community and therefore spread the virus. It's the virus's way of taking over the world. Scary, isn't it?
Signed, the gross and obscene blogger (apparently).

daisies said...

so glad your doctor has such good sense and that you are taking the time you need :) xox

Jennifer said...

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