If you're happy and you know it

It feels so very un-australian (a favourite cliche) but I think I'm going to have to write a list of things that make me happy and/or that I am grateful for. Because I'm over myself and just can't think about still having a cold or that I should go to work on Monday and therefore I have to feel better. (Sticks fingers in ears and goes la la la la). I also need something to go between the potty portraits. So:

1. Spending time in an undergound, perhaps to be heritage listed (really) ladies room taking self-portraits. Not so sure about the results yet, but it was fun, in a seedy sort of way.

2. This picture. It makes me happy. Eventhough, when G turned up with this particular toy, I thought to myself, we really don't need another thing in the backyard. He finds all sorts of abandoned playthings on his walks, brings them home and fixes them up. I do like that about him though, it's quite endearing. Grace really likes it too.

3. My new to me Saba fine black 100% wool ribbed jumper. Below hip length with long, long raglan sleeves. So very me. From Savers, the day after the sale. Destiny.

4. Taking Grace to the zoo. It was so exciting catching the tram and seeing the trains. Of course she had to sit on the elephant statue, and of course we had to take her photo. (There was a queue almost). However, this is the first time she's been interested in the animals, joining the line of toddlers standing against the glass watching the primates. It was worth the tantrums at the end. We're still having excited breathy conversations about the tigey tigers, 'raffes, elephants and the butterfies eating. It's opened up a whole new world of books too.

5. The way you can see the blossom give way to fruit on the apricot tree and it's been raining. The longer it rains, the better.

6. Eating lettuce, radishes and snow peas from our neglected vegetable patch. And parsley, spring onions, garlic shoots, rosemary and thyme. And the sage is about to bloom. It gives me great pleasure to have beds of useful plants that are also pretty.

7. The thought of starting a new garden. There may well be months and months of househunting and being in a weird sort of limbo first but that's OK. I'm ready to begin again, I have my list for tomorrow. I have a feeling eight's too many, three or four might be more realistic, but I'll see how we go.

8. Orville has a new friend.

9. Thanks to modern medicine, my tooth no longer hurts. It's been hurting (just a dull ache) so long that I had forgotten what a totally painfree mouth felt like. As soon as I can breathe properly through my nose, I'm going to book that root canal. Yep, I'm really pleased about that. Why did it take me so long to commit?

10. Our local supermarket has this cheap wine that's not too bad (except the shiraz cabernet which is a stinker IMO) and there's been really yummy strawberries, also cheap and have you tried the new Coles belgian chocolate (so called) with mint chips? Mmm. At least the strawberries are good for you.


Kris said...

Looking at your photos made me happy.
Isn't it amazing what a garden will generously offer up to us even after we ignore it? We're still a bit behind on the salad ingredients but sounds like you've got the makings of a very fine one for a happy spring day.

sooz said...

And have you visited Melbas yet? I tell you, the hood is moving up in the world. Cheap strawberries WITH TASTE! And organic avocados 4 for $2.50. Lovin it. And your apricot tree is ahead of ours - what variety?

Sue said...

What a great post to make you feel better. I am sure (and I know myself) that when you are sick for so long you are just over it. I too have tried Coles chocolate with mint and it was really really good. Strawberries are much yummier though.

Susan said...

Possibly your apricot tree is a Trevatt. Ours is at the same stage as yours I reckon. Lovely post.

suse said...

I need to comment just so's you have four Susans in a row in your combox.
Love the apricot tree shot.

Janet said...

Our apricot tree is a Moorepark, but I think how far along it has do do with microclimate etc
Melba's, I've seen it from the tram and keep meaning to investigate...

Stomper Girl said...

I swear my kids' favourite stuff at the zoo is the playground and the carousel. They always love the butterflies too, but sometimes I think they're not as excited by the animals as they should be. I blame television.
I don't think it's un-Australian to count your blessings.