tumble weeds

I feel like I've fallen out of my blogging chair, that there are big tumble weeds blowing in from from the west. I'm chasing them, but if you've ever chased a tumbleweed, you'll know they're pretty hard to catch. Actually most of my life at the moment feels a bit like chasing tumbleweeds. Not at all unpleasant, indeed the desert air is crisp and clean, the scenery stunning (in an internal rather than a literal sense) and the company fine. I've had a horrid cold too, which has necessitated more rest than usual and a fair whack of cough medicine at night on top of the sleepers.  Nights have been strange, even before the cough medecine and as I've been cruising the blogosphere, I'm sure I've left the odd comment, that is well, a bit odd. Especially last night, after I spilt a glass of beer in my crochet basket (misjudged the side table, very sticky). Anyway, I've been sleeping like a stone with intense dreams that I can barely remember, the sort that slip away on waking, leaving a fragment of tumble weed.

Speaking of weeds, our garden is full of them. Chickweed mainly. Which I am looking at, thinking about pulling out, but lacking the usual enthusiasm for. Too much time spent chasing tumble weeds. And planning new gardens.

So beyond picking and maintaining the vegies in a most minimal way, I think my next big garden effort will involve setting up a cutting and seedling nursery. In preparation. Although after I attended an auction yesterday, just for practice, and to imagine what it would be like bidding at one,  I'm wondering whether we can afford Pascoe Vale. Which I've started to feel very positive about. Still I guess it's a bit like looking for a rental house, you go and you imagine living there and you apply and then you don't get it, so you move on in your search, adjusting your expectations as you go. Except with buying a house, all the extended family come to look at various times, and puts their two cents in. Because buying a house is a Big Thing. It's exciting. And it's a fuck of a lot of money.

The week off work has gone by in a blur; house stuff, lying on the couch, sleeping in, doing some housework, going to my photoshop course and learning how to work with layers, some shopping in town on two occasions, Grace helping me get ready for a teaparty, entertaining some lovely ladies (and two bubbies) at lunchtime, being left breathless with the sense of conversations just begun but isn't that always the way so now I expect it, starting a new ripple crochet scarf which is a bit funny (and now smells like a pub) but compels me to watch lots of telly (cutting into my blog time), spending an afternoon with mum and making a new wrap top (which had some problems and I wish I had time to write about sewing but I might later), going to the new and cheaper dentist and discovering that I need another root canal treatment (oh surprise) because there's an abscess under an old filling and the tooth has probably died, which while not always painful is probably filling my system with infection to fight(gross), more sewing, more house stuff, several loads of laundry, having lunch with my dad and sister and still being allowed auntie cuddles with Ruby-Lee eventhough I still have a cold, yet more house stuff and now we have a visitor from Tasmaina and I should be cooking lunch. With my little helper. So I might leave with a picture of my garden from a distance, looking into a spring sun.

From behind the yelllow jasmine. Practising framing, as discussed in my photoshop class, and trying not to just take close ups of plants which I love, but are, in my view, much easier to do. Not that this has been photoshopped like this or this. Not at all. And when we do move, I'm going to want pictures of this garden. And because G mowed the lawn which always makes it look pretty. Back at work tommorow, not sad about it, but wouldn't have minded another week. Still that's how it goes.


h&b said...

I always take a bit of previous gardens with me when I move.
Damn glad family haven't come house-hunting with me though - like I appreciate their 2c at the best of times, not.
The meet-up sounds good - you're quite the social blogger these days ;)

h&b said...

P.S. - your post reminded me of lyrics:
Jodie never sleeps cause there are always needles in the hay
She says that a girl needs a gun these days
Hey on account of all the rattlesnakes
She looks like eve marie saint in on the waterfront
As she reads simone de beauvoir in her american circumstance
Her heart, hearts like crazy paving
Upside down and back to front

Janet said...

h&b, what an amazing compliment with the lyrics, I had to google to put my finger on them but immediately I could hear that song in my head, it used to be on high rotation way back when. thank you.
I'm not really all that social, I don't think. Gosh maybe I am, the new internet way of meeting people. I wasn't going to write about it specifically but it sort of fell out of my head in the stream of consciousness thing that was happening, probably because it was a highpoint of my week. Even with a cold, which I really hope I didn't pass on.

suse said...

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions! High rotation here also, back in the day.
PS. you left me off your link list of entertainees. V.sad. :(

Susan said...

Heck, damn, this is the fourth time I've started this comment. Obviously I'm having some trouble. I'd like to say in some meaningful way how much I like your blog but the words ain't coming.

Janet said...

Suse, oops sorry. Fixed, you get teaparty which somehow seems very fitting.
Susan, thank you. I often feel the same way out there in blogland.

shula said...

I still love that song.

daisies said...

buying a house is a crazy lot of money and such a huge decision and owning a house is a never ending amount of work and money but i have to say I LOVE it :)
and i love my garden which is a work in progress but such a lovely work ... hope you feel better soon and yeah, back to work, bites ... a lot ... sigh

Sue said...

I wish you good luck with the house hunting and the right house will appear, I am sure. I would be worried about your root canal too. My sister had an abcess and didnt feel any pain, but apparently her whole mouth was filled with infection and she had to have a root canal too. Then 6 months later found out she needed another one on the opposite side in the same spot. I would have chosen just to have the tooth pulled I think. I do hope you feel better soon though, as it seems everyone is feeling sick or having difficult times at the moment that I know.

kel said...

sorry to hear you've got some of those winter bugs at your place
wishing you success in finding the right home in the right place, with brilliant neighbours, a great community vibe and of course a local cafe for weekend brekkies :)

VictoriaE said...

My sympathies on the root canal. Glad to hear you're enjoying some aspects of the metaphysical tumbleweeds..

di said...

It was a lovely lunch too. Sorry to hear about the tooth problem- I hope it's fixed up quickly and easily.