eight days a week

Tonight I'm going to combine ye old friday night meme with some flashback friday action. Mum has lent me some of her albums and I am tripping down memory lane, I can tell you. Rachel tagged me to do eight things as we're both new contributors to the Self Portrait Challenge. This means that on the fourth friday of every month, I'll choose two or three of my favourites for the week and write a little post on the SPC site. Exciting, yes. A little daunting, yes.  But good. A woman needs her hobbies and interests.

OK, on with the eight, an eternal favourite in blogland it seems. Not that I mind, I can probably keep doing eight things forever. Because I am old. As you will see.

1. People often comment on how much Grace looks like me. Personally, I think she looks a lot like Gerard. However, this is me at two which would be in 1965. Now I know why my mum keeps saying this. It's a bit scary in some ways, but also kind of nice. The pattern is because the photo is stuck in one of those sticky plastic albums, which are bad, bad, bad. What were we thinking?

2. We even had the same ultra short fringe happening. Except mine was much straighter than Grace's is now. This means either that I was better at sitting still, or my mum was better with the scissors. Or something else entirely.

3. I had bolognese sauce on toast for lunch today. From the freezer. Nearly as good as savoury mince. I really need to make savoury mince again soon. With cabbage and chicken stock (an improvement on the chicken noodle soup my Nan used). We ate lunch in the sunroom with Mum and our friend Steve. It was extraordinarily pleasant. There was also bread and cheese et cetera. Although, how one could pass up mince on toast for lunch is beyond me.

4. As a girl, I read alot. Several books a week, mostly from the local library which I remember visiting in our pajamas at night and also on saturday mornings. I loved the smell of the library and absolutely adored the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, reading it several times over, always devasted when I came to the end.

5. This was a pretty big fashion influence, as you can see here. I'm in the middle, looking prissy. My sister, on the same day, looks like a scallywag. That's my mum, cutting the cake. It was 1975.

6. This was the dress I was thinking about when I wrote about the bad dress incident in the movie, My Brilliant Career. Mum tells me it was cotton, but I remember it as a scratchy, awkward dress. By the look of it, there was a lot of pioneer influenced fashion going on then.

7. Another thing I have in common with Grace is the monobrow. I love it in Grace, and was appalled when someone suggested that I remove it. At the time she wasn't even one! I kept mine until I couldn't bear the teasing at school, sometime late primary or early secondary. It's pretty much gone now, even if I wanted to grow it back, I don't think I could. Which is kind of a pity in a way. Maybe.

8. I was very moody from about eleven or twelve on, which I think was captured very well by my dad in this photo. Although, with that angle, he's made my nose look more bumpy than it is. This is from his photoclub days, when we would wake up on Saturday morning and find newly printed black white photgraphs drying on the loungeroom floor. We love our hobbies in this family it would seem.

A slightly funny eight, I think, but the photos drove me tonight and it's kind of a random thing. It goes where it will. 


Sian said...

Hi Janet,
Congrats about the SPC site thats wonderful-now I know someone famous in the blogging world..
Grace look JUST like you its incredible
I had a similar dress except it was chocolate brown

h&b said...

You = Grace.
I was at flickr before here and I nearly died when I saw that photo. It's amazing.
Also, I have to admit, I love your prissy dress - I think it looks great, as do all the fashions.
The old photos are very addictive, aren't they .. i've got so many lined up, I could do it every day :)

Jamila said...

how strange, my name is Sian and I always find it weird whenI see that others share it with me!
wow, you and Grace are twins. my daughter has the same ultra short fringe! I loved little house on the prarie too and reading. Wonderful escapism!

Jamila said...

how strange, my name is Sian and I always find it weird whenI see that others share it with me!
wow, you and Grace are twins. my daughter has the same ultra short fringe! I loved little house on the prarie too and reading. Wonderful escapism!

Lazy Cow said...

Agree with H&B, love the prissy dress, and your hair, so lush. I had a few that mum refashioned from the op shop and pretended I was Mary from Little House on the Prairie, and walked around with a 'virtuous' expression on my face (when I wasn't pretending to be Mary in her blind phase, and bumping into doors).
You were an adorable baby too, and I can certainly see the resemblance with Grace.
Oh, and mum used to give me bolognese sandwiches for school, which I hated as they were so sloppy.

Stomper Girl said...

I love your Mum's dress in the family photo, fabulous fabric. I loved the Little House series too (in book form, not so much the tv series) and like Lazy Cow, would walk around with my eyes closed pretending to be blind. I still remember being sprung doing this by an elderly lady who asked what I was doing and when I told her I was practising being blind she gamely hid her amusement and told me that it was a very good idea

VictoriaE said...

I'm feeling much furiousness that someone suggested you tamper with your daughter's eyebrows. And wow, she really does look some much like you as a small child. Pioneer influenced fashion - love that.

shula said...

I've said it before, I know, but,
That dress.
Mine was in plain calico, with a liberty frill. It tied at the back. Now that I think about it, it was probably really an apron

suse said...

Thank god other people used to pretent to be blind. I thought I was the only freak.
I had a pretend walking stick too. And wished I had a 'Chair', like Clara in the Heidi books.
God. The things one reveals to the internet after a glass of stout.
Love those photos. Grace is the spit of you.

daisies said...

i totally had that same dress ~ in the same colour!!! eep!
love those photos, you, like Grace, are so adorable :)