day one in the tardis

So today was the first day of my week and a bit rec(reation) leave. A week off plus my one in four Thursday tacked onto the Friday I normally have off. If that makes sense. I wouldn't know, because I feel completely scattered, like I need to unwind really, really fast and then get things done and then relax properly. All at once. A week seemed quite a long time at first, but now that I've made a list of what's going on each day, it really isn't. There's only one day where I don't have something planned. Except for the second Sunday. Most of the planned things are lovely (and I wouldn't change them, no not at all) but I wouldn't mind replicating myself so that there was a week of activities and socialising and a week that could be dedicated to lying the couch, sewing and mooching around. Most days I only have one thing to do, and except for the day of the dentist which I booked because I think I'd be a whole lot happier if my teeth didn't hurt and because I couldn't get an appointment at my favourite dermatologist to have the weird (but not serious or really painful) bumps on my legs seen to, the days are filled with nice things. And no doubt, there will still be a fair bit of mooching and faffing. And hanging with Grace, who often likes to wear pink.

This outfit included pink trackies and ugg boots. Last Sundays outfit featured the yellow raincoat and the 'lo 'lues top, a constant favourite, even though it isn't pink. We pretty much let Grace choose what to wear, within the dictates of the weather and without wearing seven hundred outfits a day. Not that I take her shopping for clothes yet (except shoes and that's hard enough). So it's really a pretty limited sort of choice.

Today we went to the toddler reading session at the library. I bumped into a few people I know from round about and had a natter. Grace listened and played for a short bit and then an older girl taunted her with the information that they had taken the teletubbies DVD and that therefore Grace couldn't have it, ever. Luckily her mother stepped in. It's such a scene the Brunswick Library. G took Grace home while I had a good long Savers session. I'd really like to get my work look sorted a bit. It's not really a suit sort of place, but I seem to keep falling too far into the scruffnut zone. So some shopping in the city tommorrow. And later in the week maybe some sewing or at least some planning, so I can ask sister Betty to make me some new things.  I did buy a new coat which I'm in two minds about. The perfect charcoal grey Country Road pea coat with wool lining and a sort of heavy waxed cotton outer was just a bit too small. I hummed and ha-ed and decided that I really couldn't buy something that might fit me later. No matter how perfect. I ended up getting a shortish dark blue wool cashmere boxy coat with a big collar that could be a bit stylish or a bit old lady. It's hard to tell. Perhaps I should just get over myself. At least I won't be wearing my raincoat or the old man's coat all the time anymore.

On the way home, I took a whole lot of pictures of the magnolia tree near the station which is covered with new blossoms, a sure sign that winter is coming to an end. Joy. I'm doing a CAE course which I expected would teach me how to use photoshop elements, but it's turned out to be a lot about photography in gerneral. Learning lots of new stuff but there's not really enough time to practice properly. And it's confusing. Oh well, I'm sure I'll pick something useful up and it's good to have hobbies.

Maybe I can take some night shots tommorow, because we're going out. At night. Without child (who'll be staying at Nana's). To see the big Bob. Oh the excitment!!!


Kris said...

We let Lu choose her clothes each day as well. She doesn't let tradition dictate how to wear trousers - the results can be quite startling.

suse said...

That magnolia is divine. I'm loving seeing all the wattle and cherryplum blossom and daffs everywhere. All those harbingers of Spring. (Is that the right word?)
I do like Grace's crown, by the way. Very spesh.

h&b said...

Is gorgeous.