There was also cooking

Well yes, that was a bit of a gushing forth the other day wasn't it? Funny, I had all these plans to sew during Grace's naps and do some bloggy stuff in the evenings, and garden, and cook. As it was, I watched a fair bit of tv at night (first season of the the sopranos on dvd) and raced around during Grace's naps picking things up, getting things ready or staring vacantly out the window wondering if I had time for a nap. I didn't. I now have a much renewed appreciation of how G and I work together so we each get some time to ourselves. He's back, he's rested and I'm enjoying us all being together again. Oh yes, indeed.

So what did I cook? Golden syrup dumplings which we had for afternoon tea on Sunday. Yum, yum, pigs bum (a phrase I'm teaching Grace, probably not a totally great idea, but we both find it funny). There was also cheesecake. Made in a blistering hurry, sort of using the recipe on the cream cheese packet and a little less sweet than I would have liked. Chocolate ripple base, lemon raspberry filling. I didn't whip the philly cheese properly, but all the lumps disappeared magically overnight. It was all eaten after lunch at Betty's on Saturday and pronounced delicious.

We've had lamb chops, sausages and I also roasted a chicken, with pumpkin, parsnip and onions. Most roast vegetable being on the banned list. Then I boiled a stock from the carcass and made soup. But put too many bits in it, so it ended up more like a chicken and barley stew. It was still nice, especially at the end when I strained most of the bits out, and then put the best bits back in. Yum, yum, pigs bum. Despite intially turning up her nose, Grace liked it too, almost as much as porridge. And there's bolognese in the freezer, although after talking with some of the women at work and I think I could improve on that one. Also bought some good bread from Natural Tucker (where they gave Grace a free muffin because she was being absolutely charming in the shop). Haven't bought good bread for ages and so have been eating toast for lunch.

The garden is a boggy, soggy mess of weeds and I haven't been at all tempted to get amongst it. Although there is lots to do. I did however manage to get out and appreciate the geranium leaves for a few moments. I love it how they change colour in the cold.

And we went and had a look at a ramshackle house. Along with every other person looking for a do-er-upperer in Brunswick. It was terrible, the roof had collapsed in places, the floor was wet in places and it was crammed full of stuff. And it stunk. The old guy had been moved out a couple of months ago but it was still awful to think that someone had been living there. Everyone seemed to be saying that it was a knock down, but I thought it had potential. Terrible, and probably more than we could afford, especially as it's a fair way of habitable, but definitely it had huge potential. It will be interesting to see what G thinks. He's the buildery one. I just have concepts. But I think he'd like it. Eventhough it probably isn't the one. I expect looking at houses is going to become one of my topics over the next few months. I wanted to take photos but I don't know whether that's the done thing, definitely not if people are still living there, but what about if the house is empty? 


Kris said...

When we were looking at houses lots of people had their cameras out, even when there was a family still living in a place. If nothing else, it's a way of keeping an accurate record of what the places are actually like, cf. what they feel like and what you might hope they will be like. But this was in a small town; I dont know about big city ways.

h&b said...

take photos.
apologise if someone 'has a go'.
But if it's uninhabited, I don't see it being a problem - you're hardly casing the joint.
I've sent you some other houses to look at too, in the area. God I love houses ;)

madmommy said...

Isn't it amazing how much better life can be with two sets of hands and one child, as opposed to one set of hands? My hubby is away at school right now, and the ratio of one toddler to one parent is difficult.
Your menu sounded yummy!

Stomper Girl said...

My Dad always said yum yum pig's bum too.

Shula said...

I know the kind of house you mean, it freaks me out to think that people actually live in them. It haunts me for weeks afterwards.
Oh. And I heart golden syrup dumplings.
Yum yum pig's bum. If that's the worst you teach her, you'll be doing well. I just introduced mine today to Japanese slasher flicks. Everybody dead. It was such fun.

bec said...

My geraniums are doing that too - I just noticed this morning.
Real purty.
(and your little girl looks very much like me at that age, which means we both [you and I] probably belong in an A.A. Milne book)

Susan said...

I am salivating over the food. We say "Yum, yum, pig's bum" too.
Our first house was ramshackle. No bathroom, just a tap. Dunny down the back yard. Stumps so rotted it was sitting on the ground. It was what we could afford. We fixed it up ourselves, sold it and bought a larger ramshackle house as the family expanded. Eleven years later we're still fixing it up!