eight, eight I forget what eight was for...

Or in other words, eight random facts about me. Which I'm a bit stumped by to tell you the truth. It seems like I've done various versions of this, including the labourious one hundred. Oh, the agony! I think the challenge is going to be to come up with eight things I haven't mentioned yet. And the tagging. Yes, I'm going to tag because to be quite honest, I quite like being tagged, eventhough I find tagging others awkward. There's something friendly about it. I was tagged by Kris when she wrote her eight things.

First the formalities:

A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.

B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I have this very clear memory of being in the preps playground one playtime, of the gum trees and the bare hard dirt, and deciding that I wanted to be a writer. Having just written my first ever story book, about finding a lost ring, thinking it was the best thing ever. To make a story and write it in a book with drawings and coloured paper, all stapled together. I hope they still do that in primary school when Grace goes. I still have mine and it's very touching and a complete cack all at the same time.

2. As it's been so cold this year, I've been thinking of going cross country skiing again. Eventhough it's been probably fifteen years since I last went and I'm really not fit enough (although I am now a non-smoker) and I no longer have any of the gear and even if I did, I probably would have forgotten how to stop and turn. Even so, I'm yearning for the drive through the black spur, the smell of mint bush and eucalypt and the white of a snow trail. And then the burst of colour when you come down the mountain again. If we did go, it would probably be in August when the weather improves and there's easy porridge to ski on.

Me skiing at Lake Mountain, probably 1991.

3. Grace often asks to have porridge for dinner and a couple of weeks ago I gave in and let her have it two nights in a row. Then I decided that as she has porridge for breakfast, it's not such a great idea. We're still fighting that battle.

4. I'm a really careful driver. Like a total Nana. I nearly had an accident when I was first driving and it really freaked me out that I could have hurt the people who were passengers. So for years after, when ever I got in my car I would remind myself that it was a metal instrument of death. And would concentrate.

5. That said there, have been plenty of times in the past when I drove home from parties and stoner gatherings when I really shouldn't have. Concentrating like you know, really hard. But definitely a no-no. Now I rule myself out from driving if I'm tired, or have had a panadol. At the drop of a hat really. I prefer being a passenger, especially when G drives. Because he's an even bigger Nana.

6. At work they other day, a customer asked me if I was annoyed because I was tapping the base of my keyboard as I waited for a page to load (like watching bloody paint dry).  No, I said, it's I love rock and roll . He looked puzzled. From the Idol ad, I said, and pointed to the telly in the waiting area, I have no rhythm. He nodded. Yep.

7. We're going to see Bob Dylan in concert in August. The toddler overnight stay at Nana's has been booked. I suppose I'll get excited a bit closer to the night.

8. I'm really looking forward to decorating a new house. Making it home. With really good heating and polished floorboards and storage. And making a new garden. So much work, but it'll be good.

OK, that's eight fairly random bits from my head. I'm going to softly tag Jamila, Sooz, Alina, Penni, h&b, Stomper, Suse and Victoria. No doubt some of you will have been tagged already, but it's late and I  should go to bed. Hyperlinks and comments letting you know about said tagging tommorrow. Please don't feel like you have to, or anything.


  1. hey, we love X-country skiing at Lake Mountain, in fact we may have even been there in 91, that was the last time they had any decent snow wasn't it!?!
    i'm useless at it, more like X-country shuffle and fall, but there's nothing like being out in the white fluffy stuff, on a sunny day, with a picnic in the backpack for a remote location snack on snow

  2. ha ha !
    Yes, keep me up.. I don't mind being tagged .. I just often mull over them so long and get all angsty and end up not doing them ( i'm still to do the Scrabble Meme, and I even ASKED for a letter !!! )
    I think I can manage this one :)
    P.S. - how Pro do you look on Skis ? I've got a bit of a Stuart Diver- induced fear of snow. I think the older I get, the more fears I accumulate....

  3. We've promised the kids we'll go LOOK at the snow for one day of these holidays. that's as close as I want to be. For explanation you can see my own Eight Random Things meme - and can I say how jealous I am that I didn't think to use the same title you have used for yours? I love the Violent Femmes so much I'll even let the kids listen to the naughty words just so I can have it on in the house...

  4. Bec, I saw the Violent Femmes TWICE when they toured in the eighties (when that album was big) AND at the end of the second one, me and girlfriend danced on stage with Gordon Gano. Oh, it was sooo good. I knew all the words.
    Kel and h&B, I was never more than an very average skiier. Although on certain snow types I could sort of fake it.

  5. Oh, I was thinking about your title going I know that song, but I couldn't place it!!! So thanks to Bec. (OMG dancing on stage with the Femmes, how cool are you?) Fixit has just put the cd on :-)
    I love the photo of the skiing. My motorbike-mad partner loves going over the Black Spur but not for cosy family trips to the snow...
    Thankyou for the tag.

  6. Knows how to cross country ski, dances with the Violent Femmes. How cool are you? I didn't even know the title was a song lyric, I just thought you were being forgetful.
    I am a total nana.
    Will play though ... I love being tagged. (Total nerd also).

  7. Oops, forgot to include all the rules on my post.
    I think that x-country skiing photo really says it. My kids LOVE it when I let them have breakfast for tea. Which means weetbix. I think weet bix is Nick's favorite meal. Maybe because it's so fast and easy to eat. You could secretly mush some peas and brocolli into the porridge to make it a more suitable evening meal..

  8. Hey I'm more than happy to be tagged! I too was impressed with the VF reference, and could hear it very distinctly in my head.

  9. There are worse things for kids to live on that porridge.
    Keep her nice and regular, anyway.

  10. done !
    Nothing wrong with cereals for dinner either ....

  11. oh my can i ever relate to 4 and 5, lol ...
    you look so super cute skiing ~ makes me want to take it up again this winter, only, you know i don't have any of the stuff anymore either, sigh ...

  12. Rock and Roll is the KING of music to be sure!

  13. Hi Janet
    Just to respond to your comments on my blog, I wonder what you do as a job, too. These blogs are a bit like looking through the crack in people's curtains: I get tantalizing glimpses of someone's life. The glimpses are enough to think I start to have an idea of a life, and then something pops up and everything changes. For example: you don't sound like a cross country skiier, mediocre or not, on your blog. But then, what does a skiier sound like when writing about the washing, for example?

  14. oh I am transported back to boarding school, playing VF loudly to see if we could get away with it! And to think I'll now be censoring my kids choice of music!
    Some friends went to Lake Mountain on the weekend, it looks beautiful.

  15. When I read something like your #5 I remember a few close calls I had - usually as a passenger though and I look at my little girls and am horrified to think they would do something similar. I KNOW I am turning into a Nana!
    Love the skiing photo too! And that beautiful crocheted snuggly wrap.

  16. Add it Up by The Violent Femmes - great title.