whiskers on kittens

My last opshop finds, photographed in sunshine which seems a distant memory, even though we are getting little bursts here and there. I miss opshopping, I'm yearning for some good opshopping action. Not that I miss the stuff I buy all that much, but I miss being in opshops and the calm space of going through a box of odds and ends at my leisure. Although I have to say, I'm a bit taken by my last purchases. From a quick trip to Savers, with Grace in tow, walking or should I say, running around and finding all sorts of things to pull out. Not really all that restful.

Anyway, it plays Lara's theme. And still had the box, which I found on another shelf. I love it when I find the original packaging for stuff like this. So much more thrilling. Almost like new, and yet old, all at the same time. I have fond memories of having a music box just like this when I was a girl and thought Grace might enjoy it now, and she did. Especially pulling the ballerina off the spike and putting it in her mouth. So it's living on the high shelf above my computer desk, along with a few other fragile oppy finds until she's old enough not to destroy it within the first five minutes. And, of course, until she's old enough not to hurt herself with it either.

I'm not sure about the material. It was an impulse buy. Yellow isn't really my colour and I'm not sure whether it's seventies or a more recent knockoff. Not that that should matter. And I'm not sure what I would make out of it but sometimes buying material just for the sake of having it is cheering. Maybe it will become one of those pieces that I pull out of my cupboard every year, touch and look at before putting back in the cupboard. Which in itself is quite satisfying.


h&b said...

I think I had that same music box .. except mine played "Love Story" :)
Yellow is a hard colour for most people, I think. You'll never catch me in yellow ;)

suse said...

I hadn't been opshopping for a month and was having severe withdrawal symptoms, so stopped in at Savers on the way home tonight. Scored a huge stack of books (childrens and mine) and two tops for me.
Did you get the email I sent you re the op shop research project? They'd love to have you.

shula said...

That took me back..

daisies said...

i love yellow ~ so much that many walls in my house are painted with that sunshine colour :) and I adore that print!! i could think of many uses for it, lol ... i think having something you love whether you use it or not is completely wonderful ~ great finds :)
and now i'm wondering if i can find my old ballerina jewelry box when i'm up visiting my parents this weekend, tee hee

Susan said...

Yep, I had one like that as a kid too. Mine Played Greensleeves.

VictoriaE said...

Yay for the music box. And YAY for sago.