Is the day! Meet Me in Melbourne bloggers gathering. In the Flagstaff Gardens near the kids' playground, which is adjacent to the junction of Peel, William and Franklin Streets.

We're going ahead with meeting in the park at this stage. If the weather turns nasty, we'll adjourn to the foodcourt at the Victoria market which is between the meat section and the deli section. See you there! 


  1. awesomeness...but its kinda hard for a UK resident to go Australia :P

  2. I know, but at least we have internet visits!

  3. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it.
    But we have an insane couple of weekends coming up.

  4. wish I could be there... :)

  5. I hope the weather allows you guys to have a great meet up tomorrow!
    I loved peering into your fridge - via yesterday's meme. I always seem to have wilted vegies - some get put into soups etc but the worst end up in the compost. I'm trying to work to a tighter schedule and not throw stuff out but having the compost bin makes me feel a tiny bit less guilty - tiny bit. If I had chooks (which I'd love but I think I would easily kill) I could give it to them!
    And I loved your crochet squares. And I have to get back into the Sopranos. I've watched the first season and have a couple of others waiting :-)

  6. I'm a no-show, janet :(
    Husband working, and I don't fancy chasing the speed-freak around the park. I met Lazy Cow in a park, and we barely spoke such was my chasing of the boy ...
    Have a great day !