seeing red

We've just had the shortest day of the year and like I probably wrote the other day, my moods have been in the pits. Again. It's not really anything I can immediately do much about; work stuff, life stuff, winter. I feel a bit restless and reckless and like going out alot. So I have, we have. To the nursery yesterday with Mum to buy fruit trees and chase Grace around. And watch her overcome her fear of those enclosed tube slides. She was sitting up the top saying, hand, hand because often I hold her hand at the top of the big slide. I couldn't reach her but I did think, oh the light in here is lovely and went to get my camera. It took a while before she was ready to come down all by herself and then she kept going again, and again, and again.

Then we had lunch at the cafe overlooking the river and it was really rather pleasant. I took some pictures in the carpark. When I downloaded my photos, I noticed a red theme happening. Which is probably a reaction to the greyness of the weather we've been having. Or maybe it's to do with my mood, and the wine I feel like drinking.

Last night we went out for dinner and I had three whole glasses of wine and made G change the poopy nappy because I always (always) do it when we're out. The wine and company made me stand my ground this time. Grace was pretty good, well apart from the bit when she hit the other little girl over the head with a toy helicopter. Hard. So we had to do time out on the couch. Luckily the other mother was pragmatic about it all, despite her howling child. I had a really lovely time and didn't want to leave. Grace ended up staying up till ten, which is a first, and we've paid for it a bit today. We went out again for a friend's birthday drinks this afternoon and Grace loved exploring and displaying a new a sense of possesivness over her toys. No hitting though, thankfully. Again I could have stayed a lot longer. Oh well. At least we went.

And I got some sewing done, and some crochet in front of the telly. And washed the stroller and my ugg boots, both of which were absolutely feral.

And tonight I put the recipe for this red soup here


  1. It's defnintely stir crazy time of year.. I think the cold snap and rain of the last few weeks has added to it.
    LOVE your eater blog (I must have missed it before..) Fantastic recipies and backstories to them, and great pictures- but it doesn't have an RSS feed?

  2. :) i love all the red ~ would send you some sunshine if i could store it in an envelope and whisk it around the world for you ;)

  3. daisies, just looking at your blog at the moment is like having sunshine sent from the other side. :)
    di, I enabled feeds on the eater blog. hee, hee.
    thanks shula.

  4. That's one of the reasons I love your blog - mentioning that you washed the stroller! Which conincidently I did on Friday night (!) for the first time this year, and it was sooo feral, because the dog sleeps one seat, & all the old biscuit crumbs...etc... very satisfying. I'm loving the red you got going here too.

  5. I bought the boys ugg boots today (cheap Kmart copies, not the real thing sadly). They're now stomping around the house delightedly. With warm feet. One pair red, one brown, one aqua.

  6. I'm feeling a bit miserable too at the moment. Life stuff, head stuff, winter. Pah.
    Love the red soup. Best colour ever. I'm going to make it this week just to cheer myself up.

  7. love the photo of Grace. Take care.

  8. Your red photos are lovely. I have a red coat to protect me from the winter greys.

  9. I didn't know you could wash a stroller!

  10. I trust the wine was red ?
    And what fruit trees, pray tell ?
    I need more myself.

  11. I have been googling fruit trees myself! I have decided on a lime, a mandarin and I am lobbying Mr J about a lemonade tree - he thinks it's a gimmick and the fruit won't be eaten. Maybe I should try one before I buy!
    Love the photo of Grace in the red tube. And I think if I washed my K-mart ugg's they'd fall apart but I think I'm just not doing it because they simply don't leave my feet when I'm at home at the moment!