Seasonal shift

Over the last few nights, I've been going through my folders and archiving autumn's pictures, uploading more to flickr and tossing out all the images that at a third glance mean nothing. It makes me feel like such a pedant, but if I don't do it, I feel seriously overwhelmed by them all. Sort of like sorting out my wardrobe, which I'm also in the process of doing. And like when you go through your drawers and cases, you find stuff. That you really don't mind. Like some sunsets, snapped at the front gate. There were a few weeks this autumn when they seemed to light up the whole sky from that particular direction.

They were all taken on different nights, but I quite like the progression in colour. The last one really was that colour, that was the best sunset I've seen in ages. Except for the one when Coode island went off, but that was apocalyptic rather than fun. It's kind of scary to think I've been living here that long. That many winters in a house with really crap heating. I'm hoping that when we move, as well as ducted heating there will be a good sunset viewing vantage point. Maybe a veranda (a turret would be asking for too much) facing west?

I've also been crocheting and watching King of the Hill DVDs G got from the library, sewing (fabulous session this afternoon, no unpicking at all), buying shoes (wintery birks, lace up rockport walkers, baby pink uggs) and contemplating a site re-design. There's a new banner, once I figure how to translate the concept and I think I'm going to fuss and fiddle for a while. But probably not until I come back from the footy tomorrow. Go Blues, or as Grace says, Lo Lues.


  1. Fab photos.
    D'you know, I actually saw Coode Island go up? We were househunting at the time, and driving over to the west to look at some properties. As we drove over the Geelong Rd bridge a flash caught my eye and I saw a huge fireball go up into the sky. Later in the real estate agents' office they were talking about how there'd been an explosion, and when we came out the air was thick with ick.
    We drove home quicksmart to the safety (ha!) of St Kilda, away from those scary western suburbs.

  2. I don't remember Coode Island - not even hearing it on the news ? I will have to check up on it - maybe I was out of town ?
    Gorgeous pics.

  3. Ok - '91. I'd only just moved to Melbourne and was 21yrs old. The News wasn't high on my 'to do' list ;) I don't even remember people talking about it at work though .. most odd ....
    That IS a long time in the one house. Since '91, I have lived in 11 houses, all in Melbourne... before '91 .. probably just as many - i'd have to add them up ;)

  4. Oh my goodness that last sunset is quite amazing.
    My wish for you is that you one day get ducted heating - it is a revelation.

  5. Yes, last photo incredible!

  6. WOW ~ the colours on that last photo are so beautifully intense!!