new winter look

Finally think I'm done fiddling and faffing. Not sure whether the red background will stay, the yellow on the last layout lasted about two weeks I think, and then I got heartily sick of it and went beige. Although I like red alot more than yellow. My kitchen was deep red for quite a long time. Years. Then I cracked the shits and painted it a very considered beige. We'll see. 

As usual, I've learnt quite a lot from this exercise and now have a folder full of typepad help topics in plastic sleeves. Instead of in a messy pile under my computer stand. I'm going to do the same with my recipes, yes I am. New things I learnt (and sorry if some are a bit typepad specific) include:

You can have a typelist without a heading. By using the following code in the title, <!--Title--> replacing the word title with the name you want to show in your typelists. Very handy, especially for groups of buttons and for Flickr badges (which need a notes typelist) and where a title seems redundant.

I've also ditched the old about page and used the new typepad pages feature. It was initially a bit tricky, the first link from the crochet square went to my page inside typepad until I realise you have to click the view page button and grab the permalink. No more looking up my list of manual html codes to insert links. It's going to be much easier to update or change than the old about page. And I don't have to make a duplicate, but smaller style. And applying styles to about pages was always tedious anyway.

Last time I learnt how to choose my own colours for the type and backgrounds using a colour picker and adding the numbers into the typepad interface. This time I figured out how to choose colours with adobe elements. Which meant that the red is roughly translated from the crochet square and that I could do a banner with the same colur background as the blog page. Although the colour changed when I shrunk the banner image. Easy to fix but this sort of faffing is why I don't think I'd ever do this more than twice a year. The original idea for this cold season blog look was quite different to what I initially intended. Let's just say that making and using an embroidered banner for a web page is not as easy as I imagined. Not that I embroider much as a rule. But you know, I had an idea and had a go. Then decided to do something else. More faffing.

Last but not least, I've gone through and updated my links. A couple have gone but only because they're not updating anymore. I've added quite a few new links, blogs that have become regular reads, even if I don't comment. It used to be that I was always shy about commenting, but now I even when I don't feel shy, I just run out of time. I'm always running out of time.


  1. The new template isn't loading for me - still the old one and the banner is still cut off!

  2. :) i love your new look and ummmm those leaf photos are freaking fantastic !!
    i go in commenting spurts ~ i'll comment a lot and then i won't have time and i'll read but not comment ... its the beauty of blogging i think ~ it fits nicely into the amount of space we have which waxes and wanes over the months ...

  3. I like the red.
    Lookin' good. I wonder if i'll EVER be bothered faffing with mine ever again ? ;)
    I think last time my brain almost imploded, and there's still some quirks I never bothered to fix ....

  4. nice warm new look for the colder months of the southern hemisphere

  5. I like the red - bold and beautiful!