my evenings are square

Ever since I finished the pram blanket for little Ruby-Lee, I've been working on a project to use up the big bag of odd balls of wool mum gave me a couple of years ago. Tonight I made the last granny square, for the last of five big squares to be joined up into a big wrap of sorts. To drape around me at night in front of the computer, because I'd rather sit in the cold than listen to the noisy fan heater we have in the study.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when I laid out the squares I had already made, to see whether the colours would work. I ended up removing a few balls of wool from the pile and deciding to just see what happened with the rest. As I tend to crochet at night, by a lamp in front of the telly, it's been a revelation to see the colours by day. The other afternoon while Mum and I sat in the loungeroom with our crochet and knitting, drinking tea and eating molassess crinkles, I realised that I've never actually made what my family refers to as an afghan rug before. I've made squares, plenty of hats and a fair few rag rugs. I can't even remember not being able crochet. But I've never made a rug or anything with granny squares. Which I think is odd. Maybe I'm growing into my craft life.

Mum said that as a child I used to love playing with her squares and that I would try and work out if there was a logic or pattern to the colour arrangement. There was, mum would make the first and the last row the same colour and would surround them in black. She also said that she would consciously make some paler squares as well as the bright combinations she prefered, because she said it made the finished rug more interesting. On this rug, once I chose the overall colour scheme, the individual colours chosen for each square was quite random. Although I have tried to make the first and the fifth, and the second and fourth rows the same. But not always. I try not to agonise over the piecing either, and only swap it around if there are too many similar squares side by side.

I think I will have finished this in a week or so and already I'm planning my next few projects. A rug rug cover for this cushion, out of felted wool scraps from my latest refashion efforts (pictures soon, the hardest part of wardrobe refashion is taking the photos) and a hat for Grace. Maybe a new hat for me too. 

And um, one last thing, sorry if I freaked anyone out with the last post. Now that I've had a think, I'm much less disturbed than I was.


Asiya said...

if I bring a crochet needle and some wool to the park, will you show me how to do it?!! Where can I buy supplies around here?

suse said...

Those colours are so sunny and warm. Perfect!(she says, sitting here in the study with blue hands).

VictoriaE said...

Geez those colors are so warm and cosy and bright and look so soft too.

kim at allconsuming said...

You know, in the early days of my Mum and Dad's seperation/divorce, my Mum took up crocheting. Somewhere, in the top of one of her cupboards, is about eleventy gagillion of these squares, just waiting to be sewn together. It's some sort of weird homage to a passage of time all of us would sooner forget. Weird.

shula said...

you didn't sound disturbed at all. Just a little bilious, maybe.
Where'd Grace get that BEAUTIFUL jumper?