I made this

Spc I took this photo last weekend at the end of a sewing session. I'm pressing some flat felled seams on a pair of jeans in progress. I'd just finished a black cotton velvet skirt for work (complete with special waistband loop for my ID tag) and was trying to make progress on another sewing job before Grace woke up.  Most of my clothes are made by me, or by my sister who sews for a living. Often from fabric bought at the opshop. Or I buy clothes from the opshop and refashion them. If I do buy new clothes, I'm fussy about fit and finish. Which means I tend to only buy t-shirts and underwear. And shoes, which I like to be comfortable and I don't mind paying for. This all came around because I was taught to sew as a child and because although I can buy clothes in my size, they tend not to fit properly. Larger women having more variation in their sizing. And I like natural fibres, which again seem to be elusive in all but the most expensive fuller figure clothes. These days I have several fairly simple standard patterns and it really is quicker to make something than to drag myself around the shops getting depressed at not being able to find something I like.  So I've decided to join wardrobe re-fashion again this year and push myself a little. There's an exemption for work related clothing but the other day I fronted up in an outfit I'd pretty much made myself. Someone complimented me on it, and it felt really good to say thankyou, I made this. Anyway, the dress standard is such that I can get away with some odd things and not be out of place.

This back room where I sew is supposed to be our dining room but we only use it as such if we have too many guests to cram around the kitchen table. The door behind me leads into the laundry and the rail above it is where I hang washing that hasn't quite dried outside. There's another rack above the doorway into the kitchen, which is behind the orange curtain which we use to keep the heat in. We do have a dryer but it's pretty useless so I spend a good part of winter airing washing inside. Something I'm bound to moan endlessly on the other blog.

June's self-portrait challenge is environment, "to show yourself in your surroundings, using your environment as a marker of who you are." Pretty wide, almost too wide. At first I was quite stumped, the obvious shots of compost or gardening don't really appeal, winter is setting in and it has been cold. Not that we have a particularly brutal winter compared to some parts of the world, but it gets dark early and you need to rug up. But I guess trying to be less of a consumer fits the theme quite well, as does the setting with all my stuff around me.

More self-portrait environments here.


  1. I thought the same thing about the theme -- too broad. I think I see where they want us to go, but the description makes just about any shot taken during the Summer months fit. Good luck with the SPC challenge and the wardrobe refashion.

  2. I love seeing you doing what you do, surrounded by your things and in your home.
    Fabulous fabulous fabulous.
    I may just rejoin SPT ...
    (Did I mention how much I love this post?! Fabulous!)

  3. I really wish I could sew! I just created a studio space for myself,so I'm hoping to learn soon. I love this photo, the reds are beautiful.

  4. I so wish I could sew. I bought a sewing machine a few months ago - and since I never opened the box I took it back so I could get a new camera lens (which is being returned because there is something wrong with it - boooo).
    I love this picture - it has "content" written all over it. And that fabric or tapestry hanging over the door is beautiful!!

  5. How beautiful that photo is. I love how your top matches the curtain, and the wall is so specially decorated. Feel free to take lots of photos of yourself in your house because we will enjoy them.

  6. Great way to capture the theme!

  7. i love this photo and i love that you make most of your own clothes ~ i have been itching to make some cute summer smocks ... really have to create more time for myself, lol ...
    beautiful you : )

  8. I love your blog.
    I love your writing
    I love your photos

  9. The room is beautiful. The whole photo has a lovely feel to it. Thought it was time to de-lurk!