how I like my breakfast

This is how I like my breakfast on non-working days to go; bircher like muesli (grated apple, slightly swelled oats, sultanas, water, yoghurt, walnuts) with Mole Creek honey on top, orange juice with soda water and strong stovetop espresso with milk. In a big mug which I don't drink until it's nearly cold. I also like the table to be clear of newspapers I'm not reading, although I don't mind the odd little toy to fidget with or to amuse Grace. But what I really, really love is twenty minutes of peace. No talking, no yelling, no having to change a nappy or answer the phone or negotiate what's happening today. Lately G has been taking Grace for a little walk down the lane at about half past nine. The perfect time to have breakfast after doing some folding or putting on a load of washing or faffing on the internet. And the best thing? Twenty minutes to sit in front of the heater and read. Bliss.

At the moment I'm reading Drift, by Penni Russon of Eglantine's Cake. I've just finished Breathe, which is the sequel to Undine. I read Undine just after Christmas. I told G that was what I wanted for Christmas and he traipsed all over town until he found a copy. I loved it. I'd take a picture of the beautiful greeny cover but it's doing the rounds at the moment. At Betty's I think. Anyway, I bought Drift at Angus and Robertson and they were most happy to order in Breathe and I'm pleased to report that I've seen all three at Reader's Feast and Dymocks in the city, several other Angus and Robertsons, including the one at Box Hill. They'll be in the young adult section, but don't let that fool you. These books might be about a girl becoming a woman, but they're layered and read at different levels. I think my 11 year old reading mad stepsister will enjoy them (for Christmas I think), as did my mum.  There's a magic running through them that's very believable, but still very special and well, magic.

They trilogy is set in a Hobart that seems strangely familiar to me, just from visits and holidays. Or maybe it's the contemporary Australian voice that's making me feel that. Anyway, when I get the whole set together again, they'll go in the special bookshelf of authors we have known or met (Penni's very nice, we met at Ceres for babychinos and chat a while back). There have been some good reviews around (including a feminist academic reading that Penni linked to on her blog a while back but I've lost), but apparently there's also a bitter, mean one on Amazon that spoils the plot. The thought of which kind of upsets me. I feel like I'm on this journey with Undine, the kind that you make with really good characters. So I'm not going to read it until I've finished the series, which I'm really not wanting to end. Why spoil my twenty minutes of peace?

Breakfast meme(?) courtesy of Shula, who's set up a Flickr group, Breakfast Sunday , although I think all breakfasts are welcome.


suse said...

Penni's books are all at our local library, in the YA section where Son #1 browses. I can't get him to read them though cos he says they have girl covers. They're girl books, Mum. And he goes for the ones with dark covers.
I'm going to read them during semester break though. I like your breakfast table. And the blog renovation!

Penni said...

Bless your cotton socks, lovely post to come home to.
A lot of adult women read and have loved the series which is so interesting and very gratifying. Undine's experience of and ambivalence about her power is definitely my experience of being 16-17, when I transformed a lot, beyond recognition almost.
Your breakfast sounds and looks so delicious. I should blog about mine, but it's pretty boring.

shula said...

ps LOVE the New Look.

shula said...

Black formica.
How utterly cool.