five things

I was going to do Kerryn's food meme, but I don't think I can write at length about food tonight. I've been feeling a bit liverish. As though my gallbladder is going to play up. Which could be due to the chat I had with my doctor this afternoon. Or it could have something to do some dodgy food choices today. Like the burek at Barkly Square for lunch. Lovely bread on the outside but the meat filling was not great. Normally it's a reliable choice, unlike the chicken burek (yech). It hasn't sat well. And neither did the caramel slice for afternoon tea. Luckily G went over to a friends house to watch the footy (go blues) and I got out of cooking dinner. I reheated some soothing lentil and barley soup and had a crochet while watching a dvd (the sorpranos).

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lots of things to do,lots of things to organise and think about. I'm increasing my hours at work to four days a week. My resentment of this and some other less than pleasurable feelings keep finding new ways to break out from under the medication. But I'm not going to start on that. Instead I'm going choose a random picture from today and do a meme. Because it is friday night, afterall.

Late afternoon near the shrine. It was pretty cold. Meme is Five Things, via Kris.

5 Things in My Fridge

I like a fairly orderly fridge and it annoys me no end when the contents become muddled and I can't see what's there at a glance. So tonight as I tidied the fridge contents while thinking about what to make for dinner, I noticed that G had bought lamingtons, milk and juice. We're towards the end of the shopping week, so we're running out of staples (no, the lamingtons are a treat). Even so, there's still a bit to eat; Sour dill pickles, freshly cut up pineapple (yum, yum), not so freshly cut up watermelon, a 2 litre bucket of soup (nearly finished), limp celery and other vegetables needing to be used up or composted.

5 Things in My Handbag

ID and access pass for my ever so exciting and high flying job as a public servant. Zebra striped and pink tin for tampons, currently emply. Nurofen. Hankies. Hat and scarf, it's cold here.

5 Things in My Wardrobe

Many and various items of thermal underwear. I like layers and mum used to work in a shop selling lots of that sort of thing. I have so much, I'm considering cutting a few items down into tops for Grace. My super comfortable Kumfs boots. Bought last year and kind of expensive (as in more than 200 but less than 300) but sure to end up really cheap on a cost per wear basis. Coats, including my favourite vintage,navy blue, double breasted, vintage, man's overcoat. It always feels reallly smart when I put it on but later in the day starts to feel a bit odd and shabby. Does anyone else have a coat like that? Hats and gloves, for keeping out the cold.

5 Things in My Car

A old sheet used mostly for wiping the condensation off the windows, a bag of vegetarian friendly peppermints (G always has a pack on the go), nappies in the glovebox, a plastic kangaroo with a joey that I bought when we were in Central Australia in late winter 2004, old ammo box G bought in Lightening Ridge (or is it the replacement after that one got stolen in Hobart?) with all sorts of useful things like rope and toilet paper and bits for the car. 

Well that's it for me. I'm tired. I might go and watch some more sopranos. And then bed.


Kerryn said...

I love my Kumfs, too. They are the only shoes I've ever bought that I've been able to wear without walking them in. Definitely worth the money. And the cost per wear did work out to be neglible.
I hope that the lentil and barley soup worked its magic and you feel better today.

kel said...

lamingtons are not a food staple!?!
hey, sorry to hear you have to pick up extra workdays
i've been working fulltime this year and it's a killer
hope there are a couple of people in your workplace that are fun - it can make all the difference