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Hello, my name is Janet. Welcome to muppinstuff.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, in a new but old house we bought last year. Our first. The house is small and kind of charming and needs work. The garden is what you'd call a blank canvas. It's in an estate that was built for the housing commission and for service men returning from the second world war. The location and layout of the estate, combined with a new wave of families moving in have turned it into an interesting, neighbourly place to live. This almost paradise I share with my partner Gerard (G) and our daughter, Grace who is four.  Often I think I'd like to be a stay at home mum, but my maternity leave ended long ago and I've returned to (my other) work as a public servant three days a week. I miss being a slacker.

When I first started blogging, I thought it would be all about sewing and making things. Oh, the projects I was going to complete.  Sometimes I still get to the sewing machine, but even when I do, I don't get around to blogging about it as much as I'd like because there's other things I need to write about. And I'm busy, too busy. And a bit mad. I've always had moods that swing high and low but as I've grown older, and probably as I've stopped self-medicating in various ways, it's become more obvious. The crisis was an episoide of post-natal psychosis in 2005 which involved me and Grace (as she was only 3 months old) being hospitalised. There have been some ups and downs since then and that's one of the things I write about. Partly because I need to understand it myself and partly because I want others to consider about what it might mean to live with this type of illness (or someone who has it).

I also love my cameras and my flickr. Taking photos has been an unexpected joy in this blogging caper. I also have my often neglected side blogs, Mrs Washalot which is about laundry. I never thought that I'd have so much to say about doing the washing. And then there's eater which is a recipe blog.

Gerard has his own web empire centred around Hobart band, Hey Mook. If you want to impress your friends with great yet obscure music, I would suggest the purchase of the self titled Hey Mook, the latest in a long line of CDs that should be better known. And probably would be if the band started touring on the mainland, but hey being from Tasmania is part of their charm.

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