Visiting my sister in hospital and the challenges of street photography

LogoFor most of this week my sister Betty has been in hospital. She's due to have a baby sometime in the next fortnight and there have been some complications. I'm not going to go into detail here but she's OK and so is the baby, who is very active. It's mostly been a mattter of lots of rest and of being close to medical attention should they need it. Of course, I've been a little anxious, this is my little sister and my niece(?) in waiting. We've been visiting on a sort of roster system and taking her treats, as the hospital food is well, hospital food. And going for short walks whenever the doctors have allowed. (This is not my SPC shot because we look like tourists and standing next to a pregnant lady is reminding me that I really should loose 20kilos).Anyway, Betty's situation has improved and she was discharged the other day.

I've been taking my camera everywhere this week, and trying to take the odd street photo when time and circumstance permit. My fear at looking like a nong in public is fading as I try desperately to get at least one picture, with me in it, that comes close to what I would consider to be a good street picture.  If I'd got the light right and managed focus, I would have been quite pleased with this one as it captures a scene outside the hospital that I'm sure many inner city Melbourne residents would be familiar with. Except that there's no pregnant women smoking. Which is a good thing. I know how hard it is to give up and that many mothers of my mum's age were allowed to light up post delivery, but really. I'll stop with that now, I think. Anyway, check out the guy on the right near the pillar. I think he's looking at this middle aged and somewhat plump woman taking pictures with an old digital camera perched on a rubbish bin.

Here's the colour one. I think I prefer it in black and white but I do like the ubiquitous green bags the girls in the street are carrying. I think I said it last week, I'm loving this challenge, especially viewing everyone else efforts, but technically it's hard, hard, hard. Time to re-read my camera manual methinks.

Visit SPC on the street here.


Erin ~ said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I love your picture, you did great!

VictoriaE said...

Everything in the city looks exotic to me. i regard it as a foreign country! I like the colored one very much. Hope your sister's going well, waiting for a baby is the hardest.

M said...

I'll keep your sister in my thoughts! How exciting -- the anticipation of an aunt.

daisies said...

i haven't even attempted the street photography / i've been a bit lazy but you are doing so wonderfully at it : )

h&b said...

lol at 'nong' - I love that word.
I gave birth at the Womne's. They make an awesome soup, and I would never complain about the food - someone cooked for me !! -I loved it ;)

h&b said...

Womnes ?
Is that like the Woymns Club at Uni ?
FFS - I meant WOMEN's .. obviously ;)

Janet said...

lol, womyns, I remember that. I gave birth at the women's too and apart from one meal that almost made me cry, but I ate because I was ravenous, the food was OK.
It's different though when you're still pregnant and don't have much space in there and it's those last indulgent, torturous weeks.
As Betty said, bub needs biscuits. Homebaked biscuits.