One year, one week and a day

That's how long I've been at this blogging thing. I can hardly believe it. Time has flown and yet I feel like I've been doing this for ages. Perhaps because blogging has become so entwined into my routine. You know, Tuesday is self-portrait day and Fridays is for memes (OK that one has slipped). Wednesday is not a good night for blogging and neither is Sunday. On account of the telly; House and then Ugly Betty folllowed by Grey's Anatomy. So highbrow. At least it's not Big Brother which once again I'm being sucked into bigtime. I can tell I'm going to get a lot of crochet done this season. Yep.

However, I digress. I thought I might use this post somehow celebrate being a year old blogger and knock over some memes that have been languishing on my to-do list. The first one is from Shula. And it's about how I named my blog. To tell you all the truth, the name muppinstuff has not grown on me as I thought it might. But that sometimes happens with names. (I really like the name Mrs Washalot. Indeed I think a lot of my motivation for that blog came from the name. It just felt so, so right.) Anyway, sometime during the celebration of Grace's first birthday, I decided that I really needed a hobby. Something creative, maybe involving craft or writing. A chance to learn something new. A week or so later while exploring the world of our new broadband internet, I fell down a rabbit hole and discovered the world of blogs. And then craft blogs. And mummy blogs. And I wanted in. I started harbouring some deep domestic fantasies of the crafty, pretty life I could have, and the wonderful things I could make and how fabulous it would all look on the page.  Then I got caught up in a week or three of indecision regarding blogging platforms and thinking about a name. I wanted something made up, something noice, you know, different - unusual. Lists were made and names rejected, most rightly so. The word "muppin" is a term of endearment in our house. It means cute and a bit hopeless (as in hammering nails into plaster walls hopeless). The "stuff" just popped out of my head and is no doubt related to that epic and nightmarish (for me) TV show of my youth H.R. Pufnstuf. Witchypoo used to scare me senseless. The name was put before the committee and not rejected out of hand. It stuck. If another name comes into my head that feels really right, well then I'll take it on. But at this stage that might feel like changing from Janet to Dansing Autumn Mist or some such. Just had a thought, maybe I should drop one of the "f"s. Hmm.

The next meme is the thinking blogger award. I feel a bit bad about this one because Em nominated me for it ages ago. I've also been nominated by Kerryn and Melissa. Thank you. It's now my turn to nominate five bloggers who make me think, but before I do that can I just say that all the blogs I read make me think one way or another. I really enjoy feeling that I'm part of this huge overlapping set of conversations between (mostly) women with different voices and things to say. It rocks my world. So, I'm going to list five bloggers who've been influential during my first year in blogland.

Dooce. One of the first blogs I stumbled on when I came down that rabbit hole. I like the way she writes about her mental health issues, head on. Obviously this is something I can relate to. Her term "my crazy", is one I've begun to use myself. She's funny and serious. And she lost her job because of blogging and now it is her job. I can't help but admire that.

Personal Political. The first Australian blogging mother I found when I googled "australia mother blog". I often find myself thinking about Suzoz's posts the day after. She's a little older than me but sometimes when writes about her youth, I recognise glimpses of a world I was once part of too. I greatly admire the way she writes about growing older and lesbian motherhood and a wider world view. Through her awesome blogroll, I found many thoughtful blogs of the lefty, feminist, alternative bent.

Sooz. Another woman of mighty intellect. Proof that you can be a craft blogger and write about deeper and/or messier meanings in life. That you don't have to be one or the other. This was very comforting to see when I was starting out and felt nicheless. She also lives around the corner from me and I've been lucky enough to get to know her in person through a funny mix of blogging, neighborhood and shared connections. Who knew that blogging would be a way of making new friends offline?

Poppalina. Has always had a way with textiles, toys and Flickr mosaics which are all visual brain fodder. Of late though, she's been writing about suicide and the aftermath; posts that confront deep and difficult taboos. Not only do I think she's incredibly brave but she has infused her posts with a dark humour and elegance that in no way undermines the seriousness of what she's saying.

Wave of Modulation. I found Sheryl's blog though last year's NaBloPoMo . I think I've only commented once or twice but I read everything she posts and I have to say she upturned the way I look at my camera. I don't think I'll ever be the photographer she is, and I'm comfortable with my own style and slowish progress but there was this moment when I realised that I could point my lens at the sun, that I could look for the light and shadow in different ways. That I was looking for the feeling in an image, not just a representation. She has a beautiful way with words too.

Like I said before, I feel like I'm surrounded by the words of wonderful creative women. All over the place. And I feel like blogging has given me a place to say my piece, to be trivial and deep. To try and mesh it all together. And I've learnt heaps; about myself, about writing and blogging and web2. Hell, I can even do a couple of pieces of html, which is not that impressive in itself but it makes me proud.   


shula said...

What a marvellous word.

melissa said...

beautiful post. happy blog-birthday- i look forward to your updates showing up on my bloglines every day.

Leah said...

Happy bloggy birthday :) I enjoyed following your links to other thinking bloggers.

susoz said...

Gee, i had no idea I could be found by googling 'australia mother blog'. That's nice.
And I really enjoy your blog and hope to read much more of it in time to come - I especially enjoy your always-beautiful photos.

penni said...

Oh happy day to you!
Yours was the first blog I put in my bookmarks bar (actually it's still the only blog I have in my bookmark bar). The things you were writing and thinking about at the time I found you were just right for me (though I'm surprised because I thought you'd been blogging way longer than me). I also did that jumper Janet style for wardrobe refashion and it changed my life.
Or maybe it's just cos I really loved the name muppinstuff.

Joy said...

Beautiful post. Happy 1 year anniversary! Thanks for your kind comments over at the other 'Stuff' blog.
P.S. I'm loving your photos on Flickr.

VictoriaE said...

I'm back again, I have to tell you, I'm going to be in a caravan park on Sunday night and I'm worried the camp tv room will be taken over by people who are not Greys fans, and i will miss an episode. Nooo.
I usually write in my blog during Home and Away, they go well together.
Cograts on your blogging aniversary. Its good, isnt it!

Sian said...

Hi Janet,
I love your blog because it is my little piece of Melbourne and Australia and I feel like you are someone in the street we lived in-your photos and your words have a nice rhythm and simplicity-what I'm trying to say is thanks for writing I love reading!

daisies said...

: ) am glad you have been doing this blogging thing for so long and congratulations on the thinking blogger award! so well deserved ...