meeting uncie mo

Logo A couple of weeks ago, Grace and I walked around to visit my sister Betty. She'd been in hospital for rest and observation but was home again. And pretty pleased about it, hospital not always being the most relaxing place to be. On the corner of her street, I stopped to take a quick self portrait, resting my camera on a low wall. I was hoping to catch the feeling of being at the top of the valley, of the sun lowering in the sky, about to set. Not with the self-timer. Anyway, as we were mucking around, Betty's partner, Camo rode up on his bike and joined the self-portait action. He's a good sport like that. Grace was pretty happy to see Mo, as she's named him and although the camera didn't catch it, was chatting away.

All this seems like a long time ago now, Ruby-Lee was born yesterday. Mum, dad and bub are all doing well, although I expect they're just a little swamped with visitors. I snuck in an aunty cuddle with Ruby-Lee this afternoon and Grace met her cousin for the first time. She was pretty good at the hospital, although there was a little shrieking and hyper excitement. Which I guess is to be expected when you're two. I feel a bit like that myself. 

More streets here.


h&b said...

Grace looks pretty tall for two.
I keep forgetting she's a whole year younger than my son ! ;)

madness said...

This photo is great. It has such a vintage feel. Love it.