crochet obsessed

My right hand pointing finger is developing a callus between the joints and I'm watching a lot more TV. Ever since the craft weekend, the one where I was going to sew a new wardrobe but forgot my sewing machine pedal, I've been on a crochet binge. It's even got to the point where I was wondering if it would be rude to bring it out at a family gathering. I think it is, sigh. So I didn't.

I'm on to my second project which is granny square based, but I wanted to share my first crochet for the season. A pram rug for Ruby-Lee. It's about pillow case size and is designed to go in the pram over the top of every thing else. I wanted one myself but by the time I got around to it, Grace was sitting up in the stroller and the moment had passed. I know Betty will be given lots of bigger blankies, mum's been knitting and crochetting up a storm and I can't compete with her either in speed or finish. Well, not yet. So here 'tis, all finished and washed, being dried on a towell in the sunroom. It's probably a sure thing that Betty won't have a chance to get on the internet before I give it to her (not that her computer or internet work at present), so I don't think the surprise will be ruined.

This is my first real attempt at ripple, and as I didn't have a pattern I had to make it up. I lost count of the stitches at several points so it has an irregular zig zag which I'm sure won't detract from it's purpose. The edging is fairly firm so I think it will all hold together and take machine washing in a bag. I know they're not baby type coluurs but Betty has a lime green stroller and they're our kind of colours anyway. And in a year or two it will be the perfect size for a doll's blanket.

I haven't been this crochet mad since the winter after Grace was born. I made several rag rugs that year and a garment which I refer to as my martha stewart poncho, as it was made while I was a guest of the state durning the crazy time. I remember that my mind didn't start coming back until about half way through, but that crochet was good. The poncho has been stuffed on the back of the cupboard but suddenly seems to have found favour as something I might actually wear.

Anyway, enough yacking. It's nearly time for my new favourite TV show, Wilfred (SBS 10.00pm thursdays). About a bastard of a dog played by a person in a dogsuit. He talks and smokes cones fashioned from fruit juice bottles and is hell bent on undermining the relationship between his lovely owner and her hapless boyfriend. She can't hear him talk like a person, but the boyfriend can. It's very clever and very funny. Perfect granny square viewing. Must run. Will fix typos and spelling errors tomorrow.


  1. The blankie is wonderful and I love how the colours work together. And, if you can keep talking while you are crocheting, there's nothing wrong with bringing it out at a family gathering!

  2. thank you Kerryn. I'm sure someone could write a book on when it's considered rude to crochet or knit during social occasions. I don't think my mum or any other of the women would mind particularly, they know that I can talk most of the time and about the brief periods of concentration required. And they would enjoy looking at and talking about the work. But the men would probably think that I'm not all there. Maybe if the footy was on it'd be OK. As long as it didn't interfere with my snacking providing duties. But it wasn't that sort of occasion, eventhough it was lunch, the telly was off and the big table and good china was out.

  3. I find the whole creation fantastic. The colours, the wave design.
    Unfortunately, with limited time available, it seems craft and reading have become an either but not all proposition for me. I remember pre-kiddies sitting watching some favourite TV show and cross stitching and being in seventh heaven.
    I suppose crocheting at a proper dinner table would probably be out but any sort of soft comfortable chair should be fair game!

  4. that blanket is really beautiful and makes me yearn to pull out my needles, maybe i'll hit the yarn shop tomorrow. its been a while since i went on a binge and duke was thinking maybe it was time for a new couch snuggle blanket, lol ...
    have a lovely weekend : )

  5. Goodness me I must investigate this Wilfred show. It sounds like perfect tv. If someone gave me that blanket when I had a baby I would've ADORED it. I like the sound of a lime green stroller too, maybe you could take a picture of baby-in-stroller-with-blanket. For us, your fans!

  6. Wonderful!
    No pattern?
    I'm SO impressed.
    How do I love Winter? Let me count the ways...

  7. What a lovely blanket! and so practical, I, I mean, I bet your lucky sister cant wait to get her hands on it. hee hee.