Craft is good

Life seems to be zooming past at the moment. Already the fabulous weekend away crafting with Sooz, Suse, Di and Sandra seems to be fading into blur. I rushed to get away and I rushed to catch up when I returned, but the in between seems like an oasis of calm. Jumbles of craft supplies, many fantastic projects, the whirr of sewing machines, conversations that went from intense to hilarious and back again, red wine, civilised meal times, not feeling rude bringing my crochet to the table afterwards, walking on the beach, a fantastic view and a gorgeous baby boy.

Despite my compulsive listmaking, I forgot to pack two really crucial items. My pillow with the peaceful cream pillow case and even more importantly, my sewing machine cord and pedal. Doh! Which means that the material I cut out last Thursday is still in a box awaiting transformation into new clothing. And may well remain so for some time. Oh well. Lucky I packed a bag of wool and some crochet hooks at the last minute. I picked and unpicked my project several times but I think I may have rebonded with the crochet hook.

photo courtesy of Di, thanks, I love the blur.

It's a ripple blanket, but of my own devising. Not having access to the internet, patterns or even my mum, meant I had to find my own way. When I returned and checked, I thought, I'm doing it all wrong, but then thought again, this is a style of work I like. It's quick and fun to do in front of telly. And suitable for Australian conditions. The project I started while I was away has been set aside. The finished item I have in mind needs to be much smaller. I won't pull the first one out unless I run out of wool and may well use it to turn my stash of odd bits of wool into a knee rug. Yet, I'm not at all worried about loosing my weekends work.  The new project is sailing along, all the better for concentrated time with a wool and hook.

As I crochet, I've been letting Grace play with a sample and some small balls of wool. On Wednesday I was sneaking in a few rows and saw this.  Isn't it just the best? It thrills me in a way I can't express that she's playing at crochet. How long before I can teach her the real thing? Oh the excitment.

From all reports, Grace was a total delight while I was away. Well, except for the regular throw herself on the ground and kick and scream until she goes red in the face tantrums. Which happen several times a day, no matter who's there. I missed her even more than I thought I would, but it was OK. We talked on the phone each morning and at night and she seemed to understand that I was away and that I would return. I got home later than I anticipated; it was so hard to leave the crafting circle, I'm a slowish driver and we had to cross town. When I crept into her room to gaze upon her sleeping form, she said hello, hello. I picked her up for a cuddle and she said hello again and then, sleep. Little tired girl.

But oh yes, it was good to be away. Just for a while.


Sheree said...

It's always good to be a way for a bit. I find it makes me more grateful for what I have.
Lovely blanket colors, bTW.

girlfriday said...

love the comfort of sewing and wool and crafty *stuff* .. especially for winter evenings :)

Penni said...

I love having the opportunity to miss them. I am really hoping Martin and I can get away for a night this year, we haven't done that since Una was born (we did have a night away when I was pregnant with Una though, it was so wonderful, then we raced back to Fred).
fred was a massive tantrum thrower (and is still known to chuck the odd one - we're better at dealing with them though). Una screams, one loud piercing, terrifying, extremely effective, skull shattering scream.

suse said...

How wonderful to see Grace 'crocheting' that piece I now know so well!
You could teach her finger knitting soonish, I'd imagine.

shula said...

I remember the moment I first saw Mym trying to crochet. It stopped me dead in my tracks. One of those magical moments. It made me proud.
I'm glad you got the photo of Grace.

h&b said...

That picture of Grace is *amazing*.

Susan said...

Bute photo of Grace. Love that she waited up for you

VictoriaE said...

Oh that photo of Grace. The bits that more than make up for those amazing red faced tantrums.

daisies said...

i so heart that photo of grace : )