Being happy about the rain

There's been welcome rain around here over the last few days. The TV news showed happy politicians and pictures of people carrying umbrellas and wearing raincoats through city streets where rain flowed into the gutters. Not to mention rain soaked paddocks with pools of water and happy farmers. Although I'm guessing there would still be lots of anxious and worried people out in the country. One patch of rain does not break a drought. Still, it's good to see lush green grass and weeds growing in the garden. I'm even thinking about planting winter vegetables. Yet there is part of me that is becoming more melancholy than usual, part of me that is closing off and wants to sit in front of the telly with my crochet (granny squares, pictures soon). It's getting cold and I really don't like wet weather. I like what rain means and does, of course. I just don't getting about in it. But I've told myself that this year, I'm not allowed to grizzle about the rain. Because we need it, lots of it. Days and weeks and months of it.

On Thursday, I was working at a different office than usual and was sitting where I had no good view outside. What I did see was wet and gloomy. The customers came in with bedraggled hair, wearing raincoats, shaking umbrellas. I had the same conversation over and over (I find it adds a pleasant and convivial dimension to the day having a Topic To Talk About). So, I asked if it was still raining outside and they gave me little weather reports as I attended to their paperwork and other business. Many said they thought the rain was good and seemed unbothered as to how it might affect their day. Some seemed genuinely happy to be out and about in it. A few moaned and groaned and I said that I wasn't allowing myself to complain about it this year. Because we really need it. Most agreed with me then. Yeah, yeah for the farmers.

So I'm going to try and appreciate the rain. Celebrate it even. Go for walks in my raincoat, teach Grace how to stomp in puddles (she has pink and yellow spotty gumboots now after one of the barbie boots dissappeared, possibly over the back fence), sit inside and watch the rain while reading or sewing, bake and eat wintery stodge, go for more walks - maybe even the bush, think of a new water feature for G to intall and of course, take lots and lots of pictures of rain soaked beauty. Hopefully while not destroying my camera. Which I will need to take lots and lots of pictures of my new niece(?) who will be born sometime over the next few days I hope.  Excitement!

Although really it's not just the rain. I had rather a good chat with my head doctor yesterday. We talked about work and home, the sundry worries and tensions in my life. And about the big headache I seem to be getting fairly frequently and about how I'm not sleeping well. She said I had a lot on my plate and that it isn't surprisng that I was a bit anxious. Normal even. Which is nice to hear. It's not just that I'm being neurotic about the weather. Sometimes when you've been a bit crazy it can be hard to tell the difference between your life being tricky or going through one of those patches and being well, crazy. She also said that it was good to keep writing and taking pictures, even if sometimes it comes from a place of anxiety or melancholy. Or something to that effect. She also gave me a script for some very gentle sleepers. No-one has suggested that before and what a difference a night's sleep makes.  I'm even looking forward to going to bed tonight, after one last granny square. And to more rainy days. 


sooz said...

oh my lord, those dahlias! I definitely want a cutting when we get to planting time. The photo is great - makes the buds look like some kind of exotic fruit.

h&b said...

I agree with you that I think I prefer winter as a romantic concept, rather than sloshing about in it ( although sometimes that can be nice too - but only if i'm WARM - not shivering and snivelling )
And I remember being very housebound last winter, in a new house, and not lovin' it very much.
I'm more prepared this year, more established. And yes, I love wintery dropletty garden pics ;)

Penni said...

Yes, this year I love the rain, I really do, I feel a big swelling joy even if it does make us housebound. Especially real proper soaking rain. This isn't a bad house for the rain, there's lots of undercover outside and the kids go and get muddy in the garden and then straight in to a warm shower.
And it's so nice so see Melbourne greening up again, isn't it? I was getting a bit tired of brown everything, of dry, dessicated, dead.

shula said...

All I want to do right now is knit.

Kris said...

Your photos make the rain seem very beautiful.
I hope you do keep writing and taking photos, for my sake - this is such a good blog - but I think a little creativity can brighten a bad day, along the lines of a little bit of what you fancy does you good (who said that? Was it Mae West?)

VictoriaE said...

I can feel the effect of the constant rain we're getting here on my emotional state, but I can handle it because of how happy it's making everyone else. Blogging is awesome for the mental health of all of us, I reckon. So cool you're having a melbourne bloggers meetup. I would love to go if I wasny two hours away.

daisies said...

i love these rain drop beauties :) looks like you celebrated the rain wonderfully :)