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LogoToday at work a colleague told me that she thinks I've lost weight. I'm hearing her words and the waistband of my favourite winter trousers that I got out of winter storage last night is pinching slightly. Eventhough they're the very forgiving trousers that saw me through the winter after Grace was born, when I stacked on the weight. The ones that I had to take in after I went to the gym three times a week and dieted without giving in to temptation. So I said, no I don't think so. And she said, yes I'm sure of it. She's somewhat on the large size herself and was trying to be nice. She probably even thought it was true.

I've fallen of the wagon bigtime. I can't bear to go to the gym anymore. I just do. not. want. to go. I walked everyday during our holiday at the beach and felt fantastic but it's not the same when you're back in your workaday routine surrounded by traffic fumes and the days are getting shorter. I'm thinking about walking home from work a couple of days a week but then it means I have to catch public transport in the morning, which means getting up earlier.  And I'd get home later. Everything I think of seems to involve giving up one of the small parts of the day that belongs to me. So even though I know it's in my best interest and that I'll sleep better and feel better, I'm dragging my heels.

To be honest, I'm kind of bored with my body issues. I'd like to let them go, to not have to think about any of it or to will myself to change.  If there was a magic wand, an easy solution that didn't involve pain or special effort, I'd be in. But that's not how life goes, is it? So I guess I'll make an effort. Of sorts. Yep.

So I'm showing you a picture taken sometime around Christmas during a patch of cool weather. I was playing around with the remote control on my camera. I doubt I'm wearing a bra, so the line is pretty natural. Fulfilling the challenge this month to show  "your good bits, bad bits, wobbly bits and sexy bits. Photograph it all and show us your body. - I don’t expect to see any traditional portraits, no pretty faces or full body shots, rather bits and extracts of your self." I don't know that I can call it a good bit or a bad bit any more, it's just a bit. Just the body I live in. Go see other bits here.


georgia said...

I feel like this too.

miriam said...

That paragraph that begins "To be honest...". That's me all over. I totally hear you.

daisies said...

yes. i can so relate to this but three weeks ago, inspired by another blogging friend, i started going back to the gym ... (note, i'm lucky in that there is a gym in my office building and so i really have no time issue excuses) and i can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have more energy ... though the one time i was brave enough to check the scale, i had gained !!! so i've decided forget it, i'm not even going to think about weight, i'm just going to focus on being healthy :)
mmmmm mohair in beautiful blue sunlit expression, beautiful! xox

em said...

It is a beautiful bit.