He made me a shelf

Ooee, what a week it's been. Three days straight at work, a sore neck/shoulder/arm from spending far too much time on Flickr looking at groups, guilt for all the other things left undone and a growing fear about what it'll be like when I return to work full time. Yesterday work was strangely fun, well at least once I'd called home to check Grace had recovered from the almighty wobbly she threw while I was in the shower and realised that mummy was going. Of course she was fine and I really hadn't expected that she wouldn't be, but it's not something I'd like to have in my head all day.


Anyway, the result of working three days straight is that I didn't have to work today and next week it's just Tuesday, so I'm planning to spend heaps of time with Grace and get some stuff done round the house and in the garden. Really. And I got cracking today. The planned great house decrapulation is moving at snails pace (how predictable) but today I cleaned and sorted my sewing space in the backroom. First I cleared the sideboard and took down the pictures and mirrors and cleaned the wall. It's old weatherboard so it gets dusty and insecty. Then I put it all back together with the new shelf G made me to sit on top of the sideboard thingy. All made out of wood he had in his timber rack, some from my dad's house, some from a skip down the road. He was very proud that he didn't have to spend a cent. I'm really pleased that my stuff is now arranged neatly rather than piled higgle-de-piggledy. And he loves to make me shelves. So everyone's a winner.



I've been strict with myself and offloaded any failed or never to be finished projects. Now I just have a small basket of alterations for Grace (she's long and skinny so waists always need to be taken in) and a little light mending. When those tasks have been completed, I'm going to try and make us some new winter clothes. Because once again some of my work outfits are a little strange and daggy. And even then, I don't think there are enough possible combinations to see me through a full week. Maybe I should go shopping as well, but I do have some ideas of easy things to make. Whether I can translate those ideas into wardrobe staples, well that's another thing.

I've rearranged l little since I took these photos, but it's so nice to walk past and smell the furniture polish. To look in my dish of buttons to be sorted, to see the rows of cotton in the box next to the sewing machine. To look at my favourite tins, the Soviet Union tin I keep metal studs in (that I'm not good at using, buttons seem easier) and the blue Dorcas pin tin I bought at a market because I remember that's what my mum used when I was a child.

So tomorrow I'm going to do the windows and in the afternoon sit with the sun (or light) streaming through them and sew. Looking up occasionally to watch the clouds and the leaves and the sky.


karen - girlfriday said...

love the shelf. love the *sewing stuff*.
and can so relate to the *will my clothes see me through a full working week* ... as I'm about to start a new job on Tuesday (immed after Easter) and I'm thinking I might just try to avoid the t-shirt-and-jeans combo that I've worn for the last few years as a student and temporary worker :)

VictoriaE said...

OH MY GOODNESS, your house is so cool. Please, a full house photos tour for your blog fans after the decrapulation is complete. Can I please have your kitchen?

daisies said...

oh, i adore your sewing room filled with sunshine and beauty ~ what a wonderful place to spend an afternoon : )

elsewhere said...

Oh, you have parquetry? You lucky thing!

Janet said...

parquetry? moi? Oh no, it's lino, from the forties or fifties, I think. There's a stunning example in the laundry, a diamond pattern. When I moved in, it was all disgustingly filthy with years of share house grot in the grooves. It's much better now after being washed occasionally and I'm quite fond of it even (for lino).
VictoriaE, I only show the nicer bits ;), but maybe we'll do a bit of a tour as the decrapulation progresses, eh?

em said...

Oh I love your "things"! Your house seems so cosy and comforting.

blue milk said...

I especially like the pulp fiction.