Logo One of my hands, under the lemon tree at night with the flash. I think it looks a bit creepy and last night it didn't feel too good at all. Now both my hands are totally pain free. I've been good and had a rest from the computer and the mouse. Topped it off with the most extraordinarily painful neck and shoulder acupressure massage this afternoon. At one point, I thought I might throw up, but the feeling passed and I floated into the sound of the shopping centre drifting by, other people's children having tantrums and the odd relaxing music they play in the massage shop. The bit I like the best is at the end when the masseuse slaps and then smooths their hands across your shoulders. I carry all my anxieties and a whole lot of tension in those shoulders and when I walk away from one of these massages, it feels as though a bracelet of rocks has been unshackled from my neck. Now I can use my camera or make dinner or brush my teeth without grimacing. 

Which is good, because we're about to be invaded by interstate visitors. Bedding has been aired and pillows found. The house has been cleaned and arrangements have been made for Grace to stay at her Nana's for a night so we can go out to see Wilco play over the other side of town with said guests. Will most likely be shambolic and fun. So I might well be having a bit more of a rest from the computer. Or not. We'll see.

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daisies said...

:) have a lovely visit ... massages are the best ...
lovely photo :)