And a lovely time was had by all

Today we had a little family get together to celebrate Grace's birthday. G took Grace to the park in the morning and lunch came togther smoothly. I wore my cheffy apron and enjoyed the flow of a well planned food prep session. I made finger food, crispy soy and ginger chicken wings and tofu, grilled corn and a big plate of nori rolls. Grace, of course, insisted on trying the wasabi. She'll learn to love it's sinus clearing properties one day, I'm sure. Lunch was finished off with chocolate cake filled with raspberry studded ersatz marscapone and iced with a shiny ganache. I wish I'd taken a photo, it wasn't as rich as it sounds but it was pretty damn good. We all sung happy birthday to Grace who really just wanted to get at the cake, although she did find mummy demonstrating the blowing of candles amusing.

Nearly everyone had the digital camera out at some point, so I'm expecting some new Flickr photos eh? I'm on a mission to get every digital camera in my family linked up in Flickr, even if it's in a private group. What's the point of all this clicky, clicky if we don't share?

I'm tired. It's been a big couple of days. Grace was so good today, she said thank you for her presents and only had a few little wobblies. Except for the big one before bed time, but we'll let that one through to the keeper because it was a big day and there was chocolate and not much of an afternoon nap. Like we say around here, it's very big, being little.

Oh, and go the mighty blues!!! I think I might have to jump on the footy bandwagon this year. It's so much fun if winning is involved.


Penni said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. Is that a very pregnant Betty in the background?
"It's very big, being little" - I might have to write that down somewhere.

Kerryn said...

It does sound like a wonderful day. And your fingerfood? I've just finished breakfast and now I'm hungry again. Salivating, I am.
Oops, sorry. It's been a long time since I've been able to get excited about that team...

h&b said...

That cake sounds divine, I wish you'd taken a pic !
Once they learn how to blow out candles, they're experts. The Master thinks every candle is for him to expire these days. Most annoying....

Janet said...

Yes Penni, that's a very pregnant Betty in the background. Less than a month to go. So exciting!
Kerryn, no need to apologise. There's been some major excitment in this house I can tell you.
H&B, I iced the cake pretty much first thing and put it back in the fridge away from the poking probing fingers. And forgot about it until it was all over.