Go swimming in the ocean, overcome your initial fear and catch waves on the boogie board, feel young and exhilarated, wash the salt of in the garden shower next to the dahlias with a nuddy child playing on the lush grass at your feet, eat snacks for dinner, watch LOST, drink beer, walk to the shops, go on the funny flickering internet computer at the fish and chip shop, home along the beach, go to the playground, have Nana naps on the bed that looks out to the sky and into the ti-tree tops, listen to the possums run across the roof at night, dream with the crash of the ocean in your ears, hang out washing, have lunch, clear up, go to the beach again, think too much, go to town, chase Grace around country opshops, make a cake, forget your medication, take too much then sleep too much,  eat breakfast, admire the ti-trees, sit on the deck and drink beer, go endlessly up and down the stairs with Grace, rummage through cupboards as you get to know the kitchen, marvel at how clean the dishwasher gets glasses, argue with G about the merits of dishwashers (among other things), chase crabs,

write in a paper diary (I know, weird hey), read a kids book called The Wanderings of Mumfie about that you bought on the way down for $2 (bargain), eat liquorice allsorts from Safeway, take Grace to the beach only to have her turn around and say no the moment she gets over the foreshore, take endless photos of the Nerines in the afternoon light, resolve to finally get a Flickr page going, wear the bathers bought at the last minute over the internet, go swimming with my Dad and Grace, finally she loves it, go swimming with my aunty that used to be a butterfly swimming champion, decide that people are either beach swimmers or not and discover I am not the only one whos' significant other is not, have family barbeques for dinner, hear the same stories about certain family events from several different sources, go visiting, impress my aunties by the way Grace settles down to sleep quickly and without fuss on a strange bed after tearing around like she's been at earthcore for six days straight, listen to the rain and wind through the windows marvelling how solid the house is, go to the Prom with my sister Betty and Cam, watch Grace paddle in Tidal River, have a picnic, test the ruggedness of the stroller on a hilly 6k bushwalk, introduce Grace to Fanta at Squeaky beach (yum, she said swigging the shared bottle, which then had to be hidden from her until the remanants were disposed off - not doing that again),

go to look at the windfarms at Toora, eat chips in the car for lunch and take photos of the seagulls through the car window, hang out at the inlet with my Mum and Lance, get buffetted by the wind, sew a little something at night, invent a new slice recipe one afternoon during nap time,watch more telly than is good for me (when we don't have visitors), watch Dad and Nina' s first documentary effort, provide enthusiastic feedback, go to the playgound, marvel at the crowds and vibe over the long weekend, go touring and discover a new fishermans beach that's a bit odd and a really good secret beach that is shallow calm and sheltered and would be fantastic on a fine day partly because you have to walk 500metres to get there, collect big thick kelp in the stroller to make outdoor sculpture (can I crochet it?) on the one day that there is no hard sand on the beach and Grace doesn't want to walk, enjoy the serenity returning when the long weekend crowds leave eventhough it means your holiday is nearly over too, go to the beach lookout for mobile phone reception and stay for longer than I need, clean the house, pack the car, have a last time at the beach with Grace, forget stuff and go home. It was a lovely holiday.


Regular programming will most likely return next week at some point. I still haven't really caught up with the housework as we've decided to decrapulate our life and clean out the cupboards etc because this house is getting more and more feral by the day and neither of us can stand it anymore . And I've changed my hours and days at work. And I'm still watching too much telly at night. And I haven't even started on the kelp sculpture, it's growing lichen or something in Grace's paddle pool and making our backyard smell like the sea.


  1. Hi Janet,
    Thanks loving it all...I feel as though I just had a 'virtual' beach holiday! Beautiful word and images. It is cold here in the UK today and I long for the semel of the beach and the warmth..

  2. hey that was 'smell' not whatever the word was that came out of my brain..we have lived out of 4 suitcases for 6mths and some of our stuff just arrived-makes you realise you really dont need it all-I really want to declutter too

  3. Sounds so good.
    I'll love looking through your flickr later!

  4. the photos ~ the words, melting beauty of summer fun :)

  5. sounds like what a good holiday is all about :)
    now i want one . . .

  6. Ooh Mumfie is freaky don't you think?
    Beautiful post.

  7. Sounds like a perfect holi'.
    And that Fanta ?! Evil. My son sees it in vending machines and goes nuts for it.