The deep dark hole that is Flickr

I don't mean this in a bad way but since I made good my holiday resolution and started using the Flickr account that I set up ages ago, I feel like I've been sucked into an internet vortex and everything else (internet related) is falling by the wayside. Off course I'm learning something new, which involves lots of fiddling and faffing. And there's lots I haven't figured out yet, like how to make someone a contact or how to control the order photos are displayed on my main page, how groups and tags work, or even how to edit my profile. But I'm halfway through the FAQs and with a bit more faffing, I'll get it.

I've looked around Flickr before but it's only just started to really grab me. And suck away at my internet time. It's just so vast and so interactive and has really got me thinking about how the whole way that my use of computers has changed in the last year or so. I remember when I first got the internet back in 1999 I think, and thought, great I can go on the internet and do all these cool things like...? Huh, and so apart from a little research and emailing of job applications, it was a big non-event. Little by little, I started using the internet for bills, banking and online window shopping and then I discovered google and blogging and wikipedia and Flickr and kapow, suddenly there's a whole lot of really interesting things I can do.  Extensions of activities I already like; writing and taking photos. And there's all these other people doing it too, and all crazily interacting. If I think about it too much, it hurts my head.

But I do like watching this youtube.  (Sorry, I've had too many lambruscos to figure out how to put the picture up, it isn't immediately obvious on typepad blogs). I watched it first over at dogpossum and then later Penni put it up. Each time I had an emotional response (not teary, just a little you know like humans are getting bigger perhaps in an OK way). Maybe it's the music, maybe just my head busting a bit with possibilities and thoughts of where this might lead, how our collective consciousness might change and what of those who get left out and so on. 

Anyway back to Flickr. I think I've answered a question in my head about what to do with all the photos I take. Well, not all of them but the ones I want to keep. The sequences and series I might want to add to over time. Printing them out in any sort of quantity seems like, so last century. And besides it takes me ages to sort them into albums which then sit around gathering dust. I'm happy to have digital photo books, more fun to look at, we already spend part of the day hanging in the study as a family and sharing online content as it is. I discovered Grace loves to sit on my knee and explore pictures of bubbys, more exciting than Boobah even. So I just have to get the rest of my family doing it. It'll be ace. There's part of me that worries about putting public photos of family up but then there's a part of me that is really, really excited about the prospect of this huge global picture album. And there's all sorts of ways that you can search for and view photos. Including looking for people who use the same camera. I find this particularly fascinating because my camera is not the latest and greatest (although it does have a reputation for having a good lens for a point and shoot) and I am challenging myself to see how far I can push myself with this particular camera. Which is why I pop down that particular rabbit hole quite a bit at the moment.

Todays' photos are from a hot couple of hours I spent wandering around town after my doctors appointment today. At the time I was thinking about the things I probably should have discussed with her but didn't, so it was good to shift attention. I feel very awkward taking pictures where there are people around, but maybe I could be a daggy middle aged tourist from somewhere. I like this style of grafitti, eventhough I think some of it is a but gruesome or overtly sexual. Somehow it seems connected to the web2 things I'm thinking about and the compulsion of people to constantly adorn, express themselves and make pictures in a multiplicity of ways. Anyway, there's a whole stinky allly way of spray art for ones perusal in that laneway where all the groovy young people hang out. Not me. I like having my coffee in the Myer window where you can watch the parade of people and overhear the conversations of those sitting next to you. Today it was about Portofino lace and looking for something to wear to a daughters wedding. Must stop and go to bed. It's the Lambrusco, it's making me ramble.


daisies said...

great ramble and fantastic photos ~ i like to pretend i'm a tourist, its all a mindset really 'cause when i am in another city, i have no problem pulling out the camera, lol ....
flickr totally rocks ~ but yup, its a huge time sucker and now that they've added collections where there used to only be sets, i am planning a major re-org which will easily waste away many many weekends

Rachel said...

Flickr is very addictive. I've tried to cut down a wee bit lately because I'm so busy but I hope to get back soon. I just popped over and added you as a contact. If you need any help I'm pretty good at it.
I did my Letter C meme this week.

Shula said...

That's one of my favourite spots in the city. I ike to check whenever I go, because the graffitti is always changing.

completely cactus said...

it seems you and i are living parallel lives - handsome family gigs (i left you a comment), op shopping nanas, shrivelling gardens, beach getaways and i've also been recently sucked into the flickr vortex. I can't decide whether it's inspiring me to live more creatively or just be more self obsessed. It is fun though.

Jamila said...

I don't know how to use Flickr yet, but I want to learn as soon as I get a new cord for my camera.
I read your post from ages ago about having puerperal psychosis and having to go to a mother baby unit. Could you tell me where it was located? I have post-natal depression and I'm not having any success with people telling me where I could go if things got really bad, I'm hoping they won't but I'd like a back up plan.

Janet said...

Hi Jamila, I tried to email you about the mother baby unit but the email was returned. I ended up going to the one at the Werribee Mercy (as a public patient) but the process of how I got there was fairly complicated. Please feel free to email me ( if you'd like more information, or to chat about it.