Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning before a late breakfast. Sitting under the vine. Talking with Grace. G working in the shed. Patches of the Virginia Creeper vine around the tree are dying but it still looks pretty good on the whole. Actually lots of the garden, especially my tomatoes and zinnias, looks sick. Tomato wilt? Do zinnias get tomato wilt? Or is it the grey water from Grace's bath? Which I thought would be OK given the miniscule amount of soap in it. Or just not enough water? Or something else altogether? Mostly the Virgina Creeper is still going strong. As are the geraniums, heliotrope and sages. A green resting place for the eyes. Summer gardens need plants that stay green when all else shrivels.

And my favourite orange poppy, which the other gardener mum in my mother's group told me is a Welsh Poppy. I've never had them flower all through summer before, but I've been cutting the seed heads off and every so often get a flush of new blooms. They don't last long in the heat. Just a couple of hours in the morning. Which is really all you need.


Waspgoddess said...

Visiting your blog on this windy and rainy afternoon was like getting an injection of vitality. The colours and the sun... oh, I can almost feel the warmth on my skin.
And the little girl's smile, too cute for words.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Hope you're feeling good.

nutmeg said...

I LOVE the relaxed feel of your garden - it is so inviting. Beautiful. I am finding it hard to replicate in my own garden due to the need for terracing and high retaining walls and garden beds because of the slope.
Little Grace is so beautiful and her pram and dollies reminds me of my youngest who gets outside with hers as well.
I'm off now to buy all the family some of those shoes too - I've been trying to think of some alternative to gumboots which are very hot in summer.
Hope you are feeling well too :-)

h&b said...

I have been dreaming of my garden a lot lately. Cannot wait for the passing of Summer so I may actually plant things that will live.
At the moment, I have blank canvas as we have ripped out so much stuff. I have been looking at interesting seeds online and dreaming of the finished product.
They are lovely dreams :)

completely cactus said...

your garden makes me want to wander around in it - and i do fancy your blue plastic chairs. Lovely photos

kel said...

gotta love those chairs!
and yep, I agree, it's too damn hot!

penni said...

At the risk of sounding superficial, where did you get Grace's shoes? I've had my eye out for crocs for Fred but they're too big. So Fred's a jelly sandals girl, but she gets frustrated at the buckles. She'd also love purple ones like Grace's. She's a purple girl.

Helen said...

Little Grace is so cute. The way she piles her dollies into the trolley and pushes them around reminds me of Kiko - except his trolley is piled up with cars! He is totally obsessed with vehicles. I love the photos you post. You really capture the vibes.