The television meme

Tonight's meme came from The View from Elsewhere and she made it up, which greatly impresses me. Telly is a subject close to my heart, so here goes

1. Earliest remembered television
Astro Boy, from when I was about four. It was at a neighbours house because we didn't have one at that point. The next telly that made an impact on me was watching the moon landing sitting on the floor looking up at the TV attached high on the wall of the preps classroom. I don't think I was all that impressed by it either.

2. TV series you would want on a desert island
I'm not sure I'd be watching telly on a desert island. Wouldn't I be fishing or looking for food or building a raft or something? But if there was a boredom factor and we had electricity etc, I would want something really long running and either a) convoluted like Twin Peaks with the young and delightful Kyle MacLachlan, oh still my beating heart or b) really inane like Neighbours (if G was there, Neighbours would be a good choice because then he wouldn't be moaning about missing it) or c) Star Trek, for solidarity, because being marooned would be like being adrift like they were in Voyager maybe?

3. TV that made you laugh
Recently, The Ronnie Johns Half Hour which G made me watch. I kind of hated it because it is just so wrong, but at the same time I had tears running down my face. And The Wedge, especially the pokie ladies, the teacher and the pyscho school girl. Once again just so wrong. Oh and Kath and Kim, of course because that's where I come from. Noice.

In times gone by, The Goodies, the Young Ones and Fawlty Towers,

4. TV that made you cry
The news. Sometimes frequently. Bad things that happen to babies or children, refugees, war and bushfires. All these things have been known to make me cry.

5. TV crap that you enjoy
I have to admit to really enjoying reality TV, which G hates, especially Big Brother because it clashes with the news and he reckons that none of the people on it are very likeable. Which is not the point. Survivor, not all series, some catch some don't but I became fanatical about the the Australian one set on the Eyre peninsula. Idol. We both enjoy a talent quest and I think it makes for perfect Sunday evening viewing, especially in the middle bit before all the interesting contestants have been voted off. I've also been watching Wife Swap USA on Saturday nights which is pizza night. I'm not sure about this one, I think it may be a short lived fascination.

6. TV that irritates you
I added this question in myself so I could mention Smallville which I find intensely irritating. G lurves this program, so it has become non-negotiable. There's something about the contant meaningfullness of the narrative which sets my teeth on edge. The characters are forever saying things like, "the truth is..." or having a meaningful moment after some great crisis, like every five minutes. I know it's based on a comic book but it's all so high school intense, with no lighter moments or changes of pace to create tension. Urgh.

7. TV that you'll never forget
I can't remember. Oh I know, Prisoner which was mandatory viewing when I was in boarding school. Can you sing along to these words? "On the inside the sun still shines, And the rain falls down, But the sun and rain are prisoners too, When the mornin' comes around..."

8. Favourite TV adaption
I love a good telly drama but for the life of me can't remember. I'll come back and add it in if I do.

I know that I'd love someone to do a really femmo version of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series. They could film the mountainous bits in New Zealand and the Drytown bits in Central Australia. It could be a cult hit.

9. Favourite nerdish program
The new Doctor Who. I want it back on telly now. Although maybe I should get it on DVD because I'm sure it would bear watching repeatly. Not just because it is beautiful to look at, but because I'm sure there are many plot twists and subtexts I missed the first time around.

10. One TV program that you're currently watching
Jamie Oliver's new series. All about cooking from his garden, complete with garden staff at his spread in the country somewhere. And he uses shabby chic mixing bowls with reall chips. Not very hygenic but total swoon material. The food looks pretty good too, eventhough G complains everytime he sees meat being prepared that it's a gore fest (I'm not vego, only G is) and he thinks Janie O is somewhat naff. This is my tradeoff for that Smallville rubbish.

11. One TV series that you been meaning to watch
There's nothing on the radar at the moment. Although I wouldn't mind getting the Sopranos or Six Feet Under on DVD because they kind of passed me by. On too late or some such.

12. Now tag five people
I'm not tagging anyone. If you'd like to do this meme, please do. I've even left the questions in a block below so it's easy to cut and paste them because that's the bit about meming that I don't like, transcribing the questions.


Earliest remembered television
TV series you would want on a desert island
TV that made you laugh
TV that made you cry
TV crap that you enjoy
TV that irritates you
TV that you'll never forget
Favourite TV adaption
Favourite nerdish program
One TV program that you're currently watching
One TV serieds that you been meaning to watch
Now tag five people


shula said...

on the inside the roses grow..
they don't mind the stony grou - a - hound
but the roses here are prisoners too
when morning comes around.
didn't think I could do it, did you?

Helen said...

Smallville! My husband loves Smallville - and how many times a week is that show on? He seems to find episodes on all days and at every time - Smallville always seems to be on TV. Last night there was this ridiculous mock-Psycho bit with a woman in a shower and I kept bursting out laughing and yelling: "Steeeeeeeeeeeew-pid!" The husband was not amused and guess who was ordered out of the room? Then I got into trouble for putting the kettle on - apparently the sound of it boiling was blocking out all that meaningful narrative. Whoops! What I particularly found disturbing about Smallville was the fact that the Dad looked younger than Clark Kent but the husband tells me the Dad has now been killed off.
I love Jamie Oliver and I was so annoyed that I missed his new show this week. I'm a vegetarian and the meat stuff sometimes turns my stomach but I'm glad he shows where it really comes from. Remember that episode of Jamie's Dinners where he showed the kids how fast food chicken nuggets were made? Gah! Since then I've tried to buy the most decent meat possible for the carnivores around here. Ooh, Jamie is my personal hero.

Kerryn said...

And now you have me singing it, too!
My favourite adaptations are "All The Rivers Run" -- filmed where I grew up and went to school while I was doing both those things -- and "Pride and Prejudice". 'Cause what's not to like about Colin Firth in a wet shirt?
The new Jamie is something I think I could get very hooked on. I don't have any of his cookbooks but I do love watching his television. While we're watching I'll just pop D in the corner with G and they complain about Jamie's naffness to each other...

nutmeg said...

My comments keep disappearing but I think I got it now. I think it's posted and leave when in fact I need to scroll down a bit and fill in the word verification too. I. think. I. can. remember. to. do. that. each time!
Well, I'll let sleeping dogs lie and won't re-comment on previous posts again :-)
As to TV, I am actually not watching the news anymore - it's full of bad news stories (and I find it a bit sensationalist and one sided). I tend to seek out "the news" from other written sources these days.
I remember watching Fawlty Towers for the first time with my dad and laughing so hard it hurt. I still like watching re-runs of it on TV.
Pride and Prejudice would have to be in my top 5 shows of all time. So too West Wing, Sopranos and the British show As Time Goes By that starred Judi Dench (love her!)

Janet said...

Very Good, Shula. I now have that song whirring around my head on high rotation, nothing seems to shift it.
Helen, I don't know why blokes seem to like Smallville, which as G pointed out seems to be aimed towards highschool girls.
Kerryn, G told me that the reason Jamie O is naff is because any man that likes Jamiroquai must be naff. He says they are the Bryan Adams of dance music. Not that I know who Bryan Adams is ... but anyway.
And Nutmeg of the lovely garden, I get stuck with blogger! It never seems to let me pass the word verification and when I try to log onto blogger itself, I keep forgetting my password. It's hard to get one's head around all the different blogging systems, isn't it? And I would love to not watch or hear the news, but unfortunately G is quite news obsessed.

suse said...

My you are so thoughtful. I hate doing the cut and paste thing too and having to delete another's answers.
I am so doing this.