Not beer, bongs and black sabbath but beautiful things I like beginning with "B"

Earlier this week Kerryn wrote a marvellous list of things she likes that begin with "M". She reached into her scrabble bag and presented me with the letter "B". At first I had a little difficulty, not finding much to like about anything, so I asked G and he came up with the three things in the title. He was joking, at least I hope he's joking, because I'm way too old for that sort of lifestyle these days.

So without further ado, ten things I like beginning with "B"

First cab off the rank would have to be feeling somewhat Better. Thank goodness. There have been some slightly euphoric moments even. Perhaps somewhat akin to the feeling one might get if one stopped bashing their head against the proverbial brick wall. And then your head stops hurting, and surprise, surprise, it feels mighty fine. So I've stopped being such a meany, slept heaps, looked at the sunshine without scowling, done some sewing and stuff. I am so responsive to modern anti-depressants, it's almost scary. (And thank you too, for your lovely comments and well wishes. Much appreciated.)

Baking. I really like baking, especially if it involves butter and sugar. There's a raspberry butter cake in the oven right this moment. A vanilla aroma is wafting down the hallway so I just went to check and I think it will be a beauty. To be iced with pink rosewater icing and served with cream and fresh raspberries. We're celebrating my Mum's and sister Betty's birthdays with a family lunch tomorrow.

Baskets. I have many cane baskets and find them very hard to resist at the oppy. In particular the old stlye with the colored handles. However, my favourite basket is my lovely old washing basket. I think it was my paternal grandfathers and came to me after he died, along with my dirty clothes basket. It has a very satisfying creak as I heave it around. And when it's empty, it casts a lovely shadow in the afternoon light.

Bob Dylan. This evening G was playing Bringing It All Back Home as Grace was having her dinner. I was in the back room cutting out some bunnies... We were arguing lightheartedly about which is the best song. I'm pretty fond of Love Minus Zero/No Limit, which G thinks is a bit of a girlie choice. I can't remember his favourite. He reckons that Blonde on Blonde is Dylan's best album, as does the middle aged rock magazine. I prefer John Wesley Harding myself. Whatever, it's all good.

Babies. I never totally got how great babies are until I had Grace. Now I go all misty eyed at the sight of a newborn in a pram and if I get to hold one, well clucky clucky. I know they're lots of work and all that, but there's something so intensely special meeting a new little human at the beginning of their journey. All that pure energy. My mum says that she still sees me as her baby, which I guess I kind of understand now.

Black and white Tony cats. He's sitting at my feet on a discarded magazine. Just being Tony. Later he'll move into our bedroom to sleep all curled up on the fluffy seventies boudoir chair left to me by a friend who went overseas ten years ago. He gets the chair all dirty. I don't think she'll be back for her chair somehow and I certainly don't mind, he's good company is our Tony.

Beetroot. I'm starting to get the hang of growing beetroot. Not that they're all that difficult, they sprout easily from seed in the seed box, transplant easily and seem to withstand dryness and neglect. They wilt somewhat in the heat but come back to life once the sun goes down. I think they'll be sweeter and juicier over winter, being a bit dry for salads at this point. Even so, I've been making beetroot risotto fairly frequently. And the leaves are good in salad. An all round winner in the garden.

The bright colours and still beauty of the garden at dusk. Something happens with the light and everything intensifies. It's always been my favourite time to mosey around, see what's doing what, pick some herbs for dinner, smell the wafting of the heliotrope. I've tried to capture it in pictures but there's never enough light. This is one I played around with in photoshop elements. It almost captures what I mean.

Books. I love books. Books about gardening, about craft and sewing, about obscure crafts that I may never try. Books about housekeeping and having babies, or about better ways the world could be. Novels, fantasy, science fiction, history, romance, adventure, true life. Set here or somewhere a long way away. Anywhere really. Books about insects and camping, about history or about making the future a better place. Books about how to change the way you think or how to do something you've never tried before. Cookbooks. Old books, new books. Kids books. Picture books, books filled with words. Lots of books. Yep, I like books.

Bread. Bread is good, especially nice bread, like for example the Natural Tucker casalinga. Or the ciabatta from the green grocer. Or wholemeal hair shirt bread. Making bread is pretty good too, especially flatbead on the barbeque. We must do that again soon. It's been too long.

So ten things I like beginning with B. That wasn't so hard. I didn't mention bottlebrush, bog sage, beer, beans, buses, balmy evenings in the backyard, bargains, the mighty Blues, beats (as in dance music), silver birch trees, biscuits, bias binding, bonza, brown eyes, teddy bears or balderdash. Or blogging. As well I might have.

So, if you wish to play along, leave me a comment saying that you'd like a letter and I'll reply in the comment section with one from my scrabble bag. Or not, it could be that everyone in blogland has already done this one?


Shula said...

I agree with G about Blonde on Blonde. But Highway 61 Revisited is a big fave too.

Janet said...

I love Highway 61 Revisited too, being the first Dylan album I got... Previously, it all sounded like droning or something.

h&b said...

I loved this post - I always find your posts so beautiful and imagery-loaded, perhaps i'll take a letter .. it's an interesting concept.
I too like the groan of my wicker basket, and I so love your Tony, if only through pictoral association. I sure miss my Hamlyn.

Janet said...

h&b, I picked out an "A" from the scrabble bag and look forward to your list...
And I'm in a little bit of trouble, apparently G didn't call my choice in Dylan songs girlie, and said that it could be argued that Blonde on Blonde is the best album. Not that it was the best. Smells like pedantry to me....

Kerryn said...

Wonderful list Janet. Dusk light is something really special. I've tried to take photos during those few moments and have never quite managed to capture the intensity of the light...
I love the photo of your laundry basket and the back-story and can almost hear the creak.

suse said...

Bog sage, ah, I need some bog sage in the bit of my garden where the stormwater runs off.
My laundry baskets talk to me too. One's old, one new.
Lovely idea. I'll take a letter if you have a spare.

Penni said...

Hit me with a letter - I need some post inspiration.
Lovely B post.

Janet said...

OK then.
Suse, you can have "R". Next time we meet, I'll try and remember to give you some bog sage. We have plenty, despite it not being very boggy anywhere.
Penni, how about a "D"?
I enjoyed this meme too.

Rachel said...

Janet, thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad you are feeling more yourself. I can so much color in this post which confirms you must be on the mend. I adore beet risotto. It tastes like spring to me- sweet and slightly earthy.
I'd love a letter to play along, too.

elsewhere said...

Your cat is called Tony?

Janet said...

Rachael, how about a "C"? Look forward to your take on this.
Elsewhere, yes indeed our cat is called Tony. I really should post some proper pictures of him, as I have lots.

karen (girlfriday) said...

I love your basket. I adore baskets .. options for open storage :)

h&b said...

Hmm - an "A".
Will require thought, and time .. I will let you know when i'm onto it ;)

Stjernesol said...

I love this one :)